Financial Institutions' Commitment to Learning and Development

Bethany Johnson, January 2020

Financial Institutions' Commitment to Learning and Development

The financial services industry has been making headlines as one of the best fields to work in. Even entry-level salaries are significantly higher than the national median income, job growth is faster than average, and it has the lowest employee turnover rate out of all nongovernmental sectors.

But another big factor in this industry's popularity and its appeal to job applicants has to do with its multitude of development opportunities, from growing your business acumen through on-the-job activities, participating in mentoring programs to building your technical skills through training. No matter your career stage, there are programs in place to help you develop professionally.

Unique Career Growth Tools That Work

Regardless of the specific financial institution at which you work, you'll likely hear a lot about your development during the onboarding process. The difference is in a company's enduring involvement in your growth. Are those same tools and resources available to you a year, five years, and 10 years down the line? Do those development offerings at your organization grow with you, or do they become irrelevant as you achieve and surpass your goals?

Key invests in and provides development opportunities for employees at all levels of the organization, so they can build long-term careers that are as unique as they are. The opportunity to develop exists in every role. A continuous learning mindset is foundational to our ongoing success. It is enabled by our culture and focuses on creating an environment where the employees can join, work and grow at Key. This philosophy shows up in many ways:

  • Career Development Workshops: Interactive workshops that cover topics such as building future managers, these trainings are mentally challenging and prepare employees for what's next in their careers.
  • Tuition Reimbursement: The burden of college costs shouldn't prevent employees from pursuing further education and building upon their knowledge and skills. That's why we reimburse our employees for qualified college expenses.
  • Career Development Consultations: We offer in-person, one-on-one sessions with expert career development professionals who welcome all your questions and can help you strategize for the career you envision.
  • Keys2YourCareer Development Portal: This internal hub is where you'll build your career development strategy, access tools to execute it, assess your progress, and explore career-related tips and information.
  • Exclusive Mentoring Through MentorMe@Key Program: There's something uniquely valuable about firsthand wisdom passed down from seasoned professionals who've been where you are and know exactly how to get where you want to go. This program pairs you with an internal career mentor and everything you need to get the most out of the relationship. We also have a reverse mentoring program where digital natives mentor our executives.
  • Key Business Impact and Networking Groups (KBINGs): These groups both broaden and deepen our intra-community networks while developing participants' leadership skills and pinpointing top talent to aid with innovation. Participants say these groups are a source of comfort, encouragement, and motivation.
  • Key's 360 Development Feedback: Receiving ongoing, specific input from colleagues and managers is vital to your career growth. Our holistic development feedback allows employees to discover blind spots, pivot, and grow.
  • Hackathons and Innovation Days Do you want to create something — or try to break it? Programmers, hackers, and everyone in between are welcome to attend our Innovation Days, where your wildest ideas are given the consideration and recognition they deserve. Together, we'll create or find something both viable and valuable.
  • A Strong Internal Job Market: Employees don't need to resort to searching externally when they're ready for their next step up the ladder. Instead, they can grow with Key. For those with an open mind and the right attitude, internal opportunities are unlimited.

Whether you're just starting or headed to the executive ranks, Key has you covered with the resources, tools, and people to help you achieve your greatest career goals. If you take the initiative to make connections, the opportunity for growth is always there.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.