The Type of Employee Who Thrives at Key

Heather Bussing, January 2020

The Type of Employee Who Thrives at Key

Potential KeyBank candidates and new hires often ask "how can I be successful in my role?" and "what type of person thrives at Key?"

Our diversity is arguably more valuable than our similarities. Still, while everyone is unique and every role requires different strengths, there are a few common characteristics among Key employees.

Understanding our purpose and values is a great foundation for succeeding in your career at Key. Our purpose is to help clients and communities thrive through our values of teamwork, respect, accountability, integrity, and leadership.

To Thrive at Key, Focus On:

  • Relationships: Chief among them is an ability to develop and nurture relationships — both internally and with the communities we serve. Communities are the lifeblood of this company.
  • Teamwork: In a client-centric culture, there's not a lot of room for self-serving behavior. We put people first and work together to make things happen for the greater good.
  • Collaboration: We respect the insights of our colleagues and rely on each other's expertise.
  • Continuous Improvement: A continuous improvement mindset has become a part of our identity over the years. We rely on employees to bring fresh ideas for improvements. Like many companies, we look towards the future, invest in technology, and are not afraid to take moderate risks.

The promise to employees begins with a selection of great benefits, opportunities for growth, and a dedication to valuing our team members for who they are. We know that we owe our success, in large part, to our team's diversity of thought, experience, and abilities.

Diversity Is Our Strength

Diversity is who we are; inclusive is what we choose to be. For Key, it's about building an intentional and committed work environment and organizational culture where all people are engaged, valued, supported, respected, affirmed, and encouraged to bring their best, authentic selves to work. Key has been honored with multiple awards for our diverse and inclusive workplace. We've had ten years of perfect Corporate Equality Index scores, and we've been named a DiversityInc Top 50 Company for five consecutive years.

Wellness Is Our Priority

Well-being is essential to our work and our lives. Our Thrive with Key mentality translates to holistic wellness benefits that support your physical and emotional health, work-life balance, and financial security and savings. We know that when you're struggling with any aspect of wellness, it can affect everything else — including your outlook, your relationships, and your work.

Connection Is Our Purpose

We're invested in building and developing relationships within our team and with our communities. We encourage leadership and recognize individuals' contributions, but we know that together, we make the difference.

From empowering low-income first-time homebuyers to establishing educational scholarships and investing in small businesses– it's our mission and responsibility to help our communities thrive. Everyone who is thriving at Key is passionate about lending their talents to this goal.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.