Ángel L. Bonilla

Personal Banker

<p></p><p>Ángel L. Bonilla</p>


What keeps you motivated?

My work as a Personal Banker is centered around building relationships with our clients. It's not just "Hey do you want to open an account?" It's about digging deeper and understanding the client’s goals. We have sales goals, but it’s about building that rapport with the client. If you focus too much on sales numbers, you lose your drive. Focusing on the client, providing expertise, and crazy good service drives results organically. It’s also a lot more rewarding in the long run!

Tell me about Key’s culture from your POV.

It’s very inclusive. I'm all about diversity, inclusion, and acceptance in all areas of my life. I feel everyone is welcome here at Key. This company truly desires to bring in diverse backgrounds. I have personally experienced an open invitation to be trained in diversity and inclusion in the workplace and participate in live conversations about discrimination and other diversity-related topics. There is a lot of participation from all backgrounds in these initiatives, which builds awareness and education about important issues. I really like that.

How has Key contributed to your career development?

I came to Key as a Personal Banker, and I have learned so much in this role. The skills I’ve developed transfer to other roles and allow me to be competitive in my career path. Many teammates are actively open to shadowing them and virtually engaging with them about their role; that has been helpful for me. Also, I participate in Key’s mentoring program, which has been an amazing experience. My mentor is from a completely different department and that gives me a new perspective on the other areas of KeyBank. We meet regularly, as she even gives me homework! There is follow-up and accountability on both sides, which really maintains the focus moving forward. There are people at Key who care about my growth as a colleague, which has impacted my career development directly.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.