What do you like about Key’s culture?

First, I love our mission—helping communities and employees thrive. In Business Banking we help businesses continue to grow and realize their vision. Our positive culture, aimed at serving others, keeps me motivated.

We are a highly collaborative organization, and there is a consistent focus on continuous improvement. I lead a field team, and we collaborate with the segment team, sharing ideas and feedback from the field. Our segment partners are approachable and take the time to hear us and consider how their work could be optimized to serve those in the field and our clients.

As a Sales Leader it’s helpful to work for an organization with collaboration in its DNA. The ability to connect services across the organization and find creative ways to partner across business lines can be a win for clients and employees alike. We are aligned in that we work in a collaborative environment, and there’s a natural willingness to share ideas, make recommendations and mentor other team members. Anyone on my team knows they can call on other team members to find out how they got a deal done and share best practices.

What style of leadership do you contribute?

I believe in being a servant leader. Like many of my fellow Key leaders, I aim to support my team in any way possible. That starts with an open-door policy. I want team members to feel comfortable to come and talk to me. We sort out the challenges together.

I love developing people. Seeing our Relationship Managers become successful brings me joy. There’s something uniquely rewarding about playing a part in another person’s development. It’s not all about winning either. Things go wrong sometimes. I encourage my team to remember why they were chosen for the role, learn from setbacks and know they are right where they are supposed to be.

How has Key contributed to your career development?

I joined Key in 1997 as an underwriter. Throughout my career with Key I’ve expanded my experience in healthcare finance, commercial banking, capital markets and business banking. It was a natural progression over time. What made it natural was the support and encouragement I received along the way. I never felt hindered or blocked from making connections or pursuing opportunity. I think this comes back to our collaborative culture. It is understood that there is much opportunity to grow one's career at Key, and moving and expanding your expertise is expected and encouraged.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.