What do you enjoy about the work you do at Key?

The most satisfaction is seeing how my work shapes the client’s story and financial picture. At Key, our client service philosophy is about what serves the individual sitting across the desk from me. The tools we have in place at Key not only help me be successful but also allow me to make a meaningful impact on our clients' lives, which is so gratifying.

I would also say I’m a results-driven person, so a role with well-defined goals keeps me motivated. I can track how my daily behaviors add up and how it contributes to the branch's success. Working in this collaborative environment forms a culture where we are all invested in each other’s success. It’s exciting to generate win-win scenarios for the bank and its clients, and I love knowing that our client-centric approach naturally perpetuates results and rewards.

How has Key supported your success?

Earning the trust of our clients is critical to developing a solid relationship. Key provides me with unique tools to approach building that foundation with confidence. I leverage Key’s Financial Wellness Guide to help maintain structure in the conversations I have with my clients. It allows me to position myself as the expert, helps keep the conversation on track, and provides the client a much-needed visual to see where our conversation is going. The recommendations generated through this interactive experience help us maintain clarity and action-oriented advice for the client.

Key also supports my success by making my expectations very clear. I know what behaviors I need to put into practice to meet my goals, along with incentives that motivate me to reach for more. Most importantly, I love that Key drives my success by supporting me to keep the client’s needs and goals at the top of my mind.

How has Key contributed to your career development?

I have learned so much from the people around me. Our team is well-rounded, and we all serve a diverse set of roles within the bank. Our partners in Key Investment Services, Mortgage, and Commercial Banking all have different specialties, and working closely with them has helped me become a more versatile employee. Additionally, Key leaders have been open and intentional about supporting me on my career path and support my development by pairing me with mentors. More specifically, I have worked closely with other Licensed Relationship Managers and Financial Advisors who have played an active role in my development. I value the dedicated time with my leaders during monthly coaching to ensure I’m on the career path I want to be on and that I’m taking the right steps to get there.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.