Ashley Davis

Lead Solution Engineer

<p>Ashley Davis<br>


What made you choose to come work for Key?

As a career changer and recent Tech Elevator graduate, I was pleased that Key allowed me to transition into a career in technology. I have a background in public health, marketing, and web management, but was most energized by the web work I was doing. Learning the basics of HTML opened my mind to the idea of coding as a career.

Tech Elevator helped me think like a programmer and learn to problem solve in new ways, but I still had a significant learning curve ahead of me. At Key, I have developed my technical skills and learned the RPA (robotic process automation) software on the job.

What has made you stay?

My team and the diversity of my work. There are always new problems to solve and new technologies to learn, and my team is incredibly supportive and collaborative in tackling new challenges. I have never felt so valued and appreciated by a team and its leaders. Key has created a culture that supports the acknowledgment of successes, which I value and appreciate.

What's interesting about your work? 

Technology is never stagnant, and RPA is continuing to grow. There's always new tech coming out and new opportunities to upskill. Key has been rapidly expanding our team's capabilities, and we now have several tools in our belt for solving different challenges.

Has Key contributed to your professional growth in any unique way?

There is constant communication around career paths and growth. If I want to make a lateral or upward move, I'm aware of opportunities and have leadership support to pursue them. Rather than bringing up my career goals, I've had leaders initiate that conversation and ask me where I see my career going.

Across the board and top-down, professional growth is a priority. Our department recently designated weekly time blocks for training to encourage and support professional development. In my experience, the leaders at Key are attentive to helping me become the best version of myself.

What would you say if a job candidate asked you about Key's culture and what it's like to work on your team?

The culture is supportive. My team is supportive. Someone is always available and willing to answer if I have a question. Our team values communication, collaboration, and individual team members. Our team's diverse backgrounds and knowledge levels create unique opportunities to learn and grow and arrive at the best possible solutions.

It's easy to talk about valuing diversity and supporting communities; I appreciate that Key puts actions behind those words. There are networking groups driving inclusion and an open acknowledgment of current events and their impact on our communities. Key makes real-life, real-time investments in our communities. Key initiates conversations and programs that propel diversity, equity, and inclusion. Key upholds the mission, vision, and values stated on its website, which speaks miles of our company's integrity. It's a very special thing.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.