What made you join KeyBank? What makes you stay?

We are a highly collaborative organization, and there is a consistent focus on continuous improvement. I lead a field team, and we collaborate with the segment team, sharing ideas and feedback from the field. Our segment partners are approachable and take the time to hear us and consider how their work could be optimized to serve those in the field and our clients.

As a Sales Leader, it’s helpful to work for an organization with collaboration in its DNA. The ability to connect services across the organization and find creative ways to partner across business lines can be a win for clients and employees alike. We are aligned that we work in a collaborative environment and there’s a natural willingness to share ideas, make recommendations and mentor other team members. Anyone on my team knows they can call on other team members to find out how they got a deal done and share best practices. I was looking for a challenging new opportunity that involved less travel, so that I could spend more time with my family. I have a background in financial services, so since I live in Cleveland, KeyBank was a prominent employer to consider. I got to know more about Key by networking with professional peers in the region. During my formal interview process, I was motivated by how everyone talked about the various positions they've held while at KeyBank. I was encouraged that individuals are given an opportunity to grow and try new things. I’m confident in my decision to join Key. The people I work with inspire me to stay because they are collaborative and open to new ways of thinking.

How does your team operate?

In Digital Banking, we have a matrix team structure and focus on execution and understanding how we can improve the experience for our client. We are focused on our products and delivery, but as a team, we all come together to share how we are aligning on an omnichannel experience and where we can benefit from each other.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

It's data and analytics plus creativity and design! I find inspiration through non-banking experiences, and I consider what we can do differently for our clients. I like looking at and learning from the data and trends of our clients on how we can improve the experience. Key is not the 150-year-old bank that you think it is. Key is investing heavily where it matters.

What has your Key career path looked like?

I’m relatively new at KeyBank; I joined in June 2019. Before that I was consulting at a large firm. I've worked with a lot of banks and lenders during my career, and KeyBank employees care about the work they do.

In the coming year, I look forward to joining a KBING, like the Key Women’s Network. I appreciate Key’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion and its efforts toward creating a diverse workforce.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.