Cedrick Richardson

Financial Wellness Consultant

<p>Cedrick Richardson</p>


What does it take to thrive as a Financial Wellness Consultant? 

It takes empathy and good listening skills to thrive as a Financial Wellness Consultant. Dealing with money can be very emotional for some people, so listening to them and being empathetic to their situation will go a long way with a client. A consultation could uncover some possibilities that Key may be able to offer to make life a little easier for the client through one of our products.

What has your career path looked like from military to banking? 

My career path in banking wasn’t what you would call linear and came about by happenstance. After leaving the military, I immediately went to work for the Department of the Army as a civil servant doing the same job I had in the military. After a few years in that role, I felt stagnant in my career with the federal government. I wanted to challenge myself in a different career path – financial services gave me what I was looking for.

How well have the skills you developed in the military translated into a banking role?

Leadership, communication, and a strong work ethic are the skills I developed from the military that translate well in banking. Having worked in customer service in some form or another throughout my professional career has served me well in my role as a Financial Wellness Consultant. I was also a military recruiter which gave me the necessary people skills that one would need to thrive in a sales role here at Key. There are a lot of similarities between the two. 

What advice would you share with someone interested in a banking career? 

To someone interested in a banking career, I would say to come into this industry with an open mind. Here at KeyBank, we are customer-centric, and we do right by what the client wants. It helps to be empathetic and a good listener—those are two essential traits that will help you succeed in a banking career.

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