Deven Smith


<p><p>Deven Smith</p>


Why did you decide to stay with Key beyond the intern program?

The people! I had an amazing experience as an intern where I got the chance to network with individuals across different Lines of Business, and I saw Key’s commitment to being an inclusive workplace. I knew this was an organization where I would LOVE to work!

How does your team operate?

Risk Review Group is a collaborative team with a nice balance between independent work and collaborative work. Additionally, I always felt like if I had a question or concern, I could turn to anyone within RRG and receive the feedback I was looking for with open arms because RRG has a very helpful culture.

What is leadership like in your department?

Since I was an intern, I believed leaders had an unwritten open-door policy. They allowed me to schedule time on their calendars to meet with me 1-on-1, ask questions about our team, their careers, and gain insight into various topics.

What do you enjoy about the work you do at Key?

I enjoy being able to work from home while still being able to receive support as if we were in person. I also appreciate that I never feel like I’m working on the same thing; RRG keeps it interesting as we look at different lines of business and risk categories.

What have you learned from your role with the Risk Review Group Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force?

From the RRG DE&I Task Force, I’ve learned that many individuals care about a diverse and inclusive workforce. I’ve also learned that despite some differences in background and experience, we have similarities too. We share a desire to find common ground and to continue learning for one another.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.