What makes you stay with Key as an employer?

I’ve been extraordinarily successful with KeyBank. We have all the resources of a national bank but being a little smaller affords us the ability to influence processes, have more direct contact with partners like underwriters to support deals and form more meaningful relationships with co-workers and leaders.

Silos and communication breakdowns are where things really fall apart for teams and organizations. In Key I’ve found like-minded people that love to collaborate and have an impact. I feel we have solid alignment between compliance, sales and operations. When you have shared values between internal partners, any challenge (regulatory, economic, etc.) that may come up is less daunting. Key’s culture and business approach allows me to thrive professionally.

How would you describe a typical day for your role?

Every day is unique, but I always start early and set my goals for the day. Most of my days are a balance between serving existing clients, meeting with internal partners, working with deposit partners on new accounts and building my loan pipeline. I try to make the most of lunch time. Grabbing a bite with centers of influence (Branch Managers, line of business partners, CPAs, etc.) or clients is one of the primary ways I develop the meaningful relationships I seek.

What else has contributed to your success?

How well we collaborate with credit partners is unique to KeyBank. The credit team welcomes discussions about deals before we get financials. They weigh in on what we need to be looking at early in the process, and that sets me up for success.

We also have an executive team (both locally and nationally) that thinks about how to help bring in new business. They aren’t just leaders; they’re deal makers. When you have top leaders who are as invested as you are in bringing in business, it is extremely motivating, and it gives you access to exceptional leads. Our leaders have great connections, and they aren’t afraid to share.

Has your work been rewarded at Key?

I'm proud to work for an organization that has been active in creating an inclusive workplace for all employees, regardless of race, sexual orientation, or ability. That supportiveness extends to the way we treat one another, to the activities our bank supports and to the promotional opportunities that people from all backgrounds are offered. I have found that those who work hard, are successful in their role and show an ability to take on added responsibility are consistently rewarded with opportunities to grow their career within the Key organization.

I've personally been rewarded with learning (tuition reimbursement towards my MBA) and growth opportunities (promotions). I've won awards (e.g., Key’s Signature Circle and President’s Club) for being a top performer in my position, and I have been asked to serve on advisory boards. Beyond all that, I've received generous incentive compensation for having exceeded my goals annually.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.