Erica Elsasser

VP, Debt Capital Markets

<p><p>Erica Elsasser</p>


Tell me about your team and its leaders.

We focus on high grade and high yield public bonds, debt private placements and ratings advisory. Most of the group works on a trading floor so there are no cubicles, but there is a lot of information sharing and collaboration amongst team members. We also have team members across the country (via our satellite offices), so we’ve mastered the art of working together regardless of location.

Our manager stays close too, but it’s not a hierarchical environment. We all work as equals. All team members take part in decision-making, and leaders are always open to hearing and discussing ideas, thoughts and concerns. Leadership is expressed by example; respect and open-mindedness are the most important things for being an effective leader at Key. Since we often work in groups, leadership is exhibited by listening to others and knowing how to work within your team and with others at Key to determine the best solution for our clients.

How has Key contributed to your career development?

I started my full-time career at Key nine years ago as a Rotational Analyst after two summer internships. My current job is fast-paced, and I’m consistently learning new things about the markets, current events, new companies, industries and financial products. The products we offer and industry sectors we serve are broad, and there is no shortage of learning and development opportunities. Key does an excellent job of training its people and supplying a structured environment for development.

A unique aspect of Key that has contributed to my development is the collaborative culture. Senior team members are always open to have conversations with up-and-coming employees who want to learn more. These open lines of communication really help to naturally enable career development and has made it easier for me to progress within my role.

Is Key unique in how we serve our clients?

Our people-oriented culture lends itself to client interactions in a way that is powerful for our business. Just as we don’t treat employees like a number, we do the same with our clients—regardless of their size. We put a lot of thought and effort into every client communication and every deal. Also, the fact that we work well together as a team and across the Key platform allows us to be consistent and efficient with client requests and improves our output and our ability to think creatively about our deals. A lot of my job satisfaction comes from supplying innovative and helpful solutions to our clients. There is nothing more rewarding than when clients say they appreciate and value our contributions to their business.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.