Gwen Davis

Information Security Director

<p>Gwen Davis<br>


What made you choose to come work for Key?

I have a degree in CIS and a background in financial crimes and healthcare fraud. I started in a contractor role as a Project Manager at Key, then joined full-time. At Key, I've had the opportunity to continuously grow and expand my skills by taking on more responsibility and moving into new learning opportunities. I've moved across and upwards in this organization. I'm proof you don't need a Finance background to be very successful at a bank. I love new challenges and solving puzzles, and the change management experience I've built has allowed me to take on some exciting and large-scale projects for Key.

What's interesting about your work?

I'm now the Director of the Identity and Access Management team. We are upgrading to a more modern and dynamic suite of tools across the company, including how we manage systems access. I have over 10 big projects ongoing, and all are transforming how we manage, control and/or govern access and/or password management at the bank. It's a challenging game of keeping the balls up in the air. It's not just the number of projects but also the intersections between them and the various PMs/SMEs/vendors involved. The biggest challenge, but also what makes my work so interesting, is the projects' dependencies and interconnections. 

Having my work acknowledged in big and small ways has also been gratifying. In my first project at Key, I led an effort to change mindsets and save dollars on unnecessary equipment and materials, like printers and fax machines. We were awarded a Chairman's Award for our efforts. In 2021, I was also awarded the Mike Cozzens Inspiration Award as part of Key Technology and Operations' annual Employee Appreciation Celebration. The opportunities to engage and be rewarded are here for those who stay hungry, get involved, and strive in an uncomfortable and continuous stretch beyond the scope of their roles. 

What keeps you here?

I like the culture. As a company, we do a lot to engage and invest in employee success. I've always worked with great people at Key. 

I also like that Key is a big proponent of supporting communities and getting better at building diverse teams. There is no shortage of opportunities to engage with people with like interests. A few examples would be our diverse networking groups, health/wellness conversations, and company-initiated conversations around racial equity and social justice. If you want to engage, you'll find several opportunities a week. These are not exclusively work-related discussions either; it's a well-rounded menu of platforms to interact with a wide range of colleagues. If you don't feel engaged at Key, you aren't pursuing what's available.

What would you say if a job candidate asked you about Key's culture and what it's like to work on your team?

Key is investing in us as employees, and I see a genuine intent to help us grow. I'm only asked to play my part and take advantage of these programs (e.g., careers assessments, Future Ready, MentorMe at Key, Tech Ready, and Aspiring Leaders program). I've always sought out mentors and built relationships with them. At Key, they will assign you a mentor! 

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.