Jennifer Jones

Financial Wellness Consultant

<p><p>Jennifer Jones</p>


What does it take to thrive as a Financial Wellness Consultant?

You must be a people person with the ability to engage by phone and in-person. I can't stress this enough. There is constant interaction with the public in a branch setting, and it's important to be open, unafraid of social interaction, and asking them questions to understand client needs more deeply.

Honesty and integrity are also vital in this role. We build trust through solid financial plans that genuinely work for the client. I have many repeat clients, and I believe that is because I create meaningful interactions, really listen to them, and make product recommendations that I'm confident will make a difference. This trust is also built through relationship building. It's not always just about products. I keep up with how their kids are doing and what's new in their lives. Working in a bank branch, you can play an essential role in the local community.

What's the best advice you've received while working in this role?

When you think you've asked enough questions, always ask another. Get to the bottom of the clients' needs. People don't always know how to articulate their financial needs. As a Financial Wellness Consultant or Personal Banker, you need to engage and understand before you can truly help.

Tell me about your experience with Key's company culture.

I'm a member of the Key4Women® networking group. This group is designed to empower and financially support female business owners. I meet so many business owners and learn so much through networking with this group. I love that Key acknowledges and supports the needs of female-owned businesses.

Tell me about your team.

We are a tight-knit group. This strong bond instills openness, active brainstorming, and problem-solving between team members. In my role, you sometimes need help coming up with ideas for helping clients in challenging situations. We are more successful and confident when we lean on each other for support.

What is management like at your branch?

What is most important to me is that I feel comfortable reaching out to my manager about anything—even how things are going on at home. My manager is super supportive. She asked me about my career goals from the start. I told her I wanted to be a manager, and she's been showing me the ropes ever since. We meet regularly, and she sometimes asks me what I would do If I were in her shoes. She's a true mentor.

Are there other ways in which Key has supported your career development?

I'm in a company-sponsored career development program where you learn what branch managers do, from handling situations to preparing for a branch manager position. This program has built my confidence and has me on a very clear path to where I want to take my career next.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.