Justin Hunsaker

Omnichannel Originations Product Director

<p><p>Justin Hunsaker</p>


What made you choose Key as an employer?

KeyBank is a fantastic company! When I was ready to move on from my previous employer, I wanted to see what else was out there. I reached out to a prior colleague of mine who was working for Key. He mentioned the exciting things happening at Key and investments in digital transformation. KeyBank's focus on Financial Wellness was a clear signal to me that KeyBank was serious about evolving banking to mean even more for its clients. As a top twenty national bank, KeyBank is an important, influential institution. With its engaged focus on being a great regional bank, there's a lot of room for employees to have an impact.

I moved here to the Midwest from the East Coast, and I’m confident that Key offers the same competitive, innovative experiences that you would face with a coastal company. Cleveland has a lot to offer from an easy commute to top restaurants and entertainment. Key’s work environment is flexible about geography, making it easy to collaborate and manage a team across multiple locations.

What role has career development at Key played in your employee experience?

Key has provided me opportunity and mentoring on my career journey. KeyBank has a robust mentoring program, Mentor Me@Key, which matches employees with mentors. I've had a few mentors at Key that I rely on when I have to make tough career decisions or get advice. Key has also given me opportunities to take on new challenges. I started in Business Banking with a focus on Client Experience and Wellness, but my current role is with the Enterprise Digital team.

What do you like most about Key’s culture?

KeyBank has a strong Midwestern work ethic. We may not be the biggest bank, but we work harder than any other bank. Our passion is around becoming the best regional bank, which will require hard work, really becoming part of the community, and attention to what matters to our local clients. Across the footprint, Key employees work together to solve problems, they know when to ask for help and they take pride in their work.

Key is investing in digital transformation because they understand that banking is changing. Key understands the importance of outside impacts, client experiences and product innovations that help guide us on where we should go.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.