What made you choose Key as an employer?

When I began my career search, I knew I wanted Wall Street M&A experience, but I didn't necessarily want to live in New York City. Key provided the perfect opportunity for me to gain excellent experience while working in an affordable market where I felt more at home. The reality is, I’ve received just as much, if not more, experience and exposure to exciting deals as I would have at a bulge bracket firm.

As a former Analyst, what type of person thrives in this role?

Being collaborative and team-oriented is essential. Key leaders want to work with team-oriented people who are coachable and excited to learn. A concentrated focus and attention to detail is also critical, as this is a fast-paced, high intensity job. It's important to enjoy the challenge of multitasking and keeping up with many moving parts and responsibilities.

What is the culture like within KeyBanc Capital Markets (KBCM)?

Our VPs and Associates are great coaches, which drives a strong team culture in our group. They are approachable and take an interest in developing Analysts into impactful team contributors. Further, KBCM takes employee feedback seriously and ensures our voices are heard. KBCM has a dedicated group of Junior Banker peers that gathers feedback on how things are going amongst the junior ranks and provides recommendations to improve our employee experience. Our feedback is then taken up the ladder and acted upon. It is rewarding to work in an environment where I know my superiors care about my development and are willing to take action in order to enhance my experience.

What role has career development played in your employee experience?

There is a noticeable focus on career development across the platform. Management genuinely cares about developing Junior Bankers into mid-level and eventually, Senior Bankers. As I’ve demonstrated my ability to take on greater responsibility, my managers haven’t held me back. Instead, they’ve allowed me to step up and take on more significant roles within my deal teams. Even as a KBCM Analyst, I worked directly with clients, coordinated buyer outreach, and supported the due diligence process on transactions. This trust and access to experience has led to very rewarding work early in my career. I’ve frequently worked with C-level executives and business owners to help guide them through the M&A process.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.