How would you describe your experience with KeyBank leadership?

We have some very distinguished leaders here at KeyBank. Some are known nationally through the work they do here at Key as well as the community organizations they serve. This gives us direct access to a wealth of knowledge to help us direct our own careers, no matter where we are in our own journey. I appreciate our leadership teams’ openness and willingness to share their own personal experiences. Access to our leadership has positively impacted my career development.

What other factors have been important to your career development at Key?

I have focused on building relationships internally and externally to extend my network. It has paid off to stretch myself beyond my personal comfort zone and take advantage of professional development opportunities to increase my skillset in and outside of my current position. Carving time out of an already busy schedule to get involved and be a committed and dedicated volunteer to causes that are important to me has also allowed me to become a well-rounded leader.

Have you seen Key’s promise of a diverse and inclusive workplace play out in your day-to-day?

Key’s success when it comes to incorporating diversity and inclusion into our workplace culture pays dividends every day. I am most excited when I see diversity and inclusion ‘in action’ at Key. It’s exciting to know my company took the time to create a new department that focuses on corporate responsibility, invested in making a video with the CEO to share the diverse stories of its employees, devotes resources to plan diversity networking groups and events and continues to build initiatives and strategies to support the diverse needs of the communities we live in. It shows how we as a company don’t just talk about diversity and inclusion. We put forth the effort to make it happen. Helping employees understand the importance of D&I is critical to enabling Key’s growth and advancement as a company. We enrich our lives when we take the time to immerse ourselves in conversations and/or events representing diversity in thought and leadership.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.