What is Key doing to become a digital-focused bank?

Becoming a digital bank is core to our business and technology strategy. We are carefully investing in initiatives and technologies that drive simplicity, convenience and speed for both our clients and our employees. To be an effective digital bank you have to create strong digital experiences and remove friction. This means embracing automation and straight thru processing thru use of APIs, artificial intelligence and alliances with emerging digital disruptors.

In recent years we have found ourselves thinking very differently about the way we work and architect our applications. We think differently about the way we prioritize and deliver change. We are hyper focused on the client experience and creating feedback mechanisms that allow us to quickly respond to client need. User research, data analytics, UX design and engineering expertise have become critical core competencies.

What do you like about your role?

I am humbled by the talented team I work with, and the dynamic nature of the work we perform. Every day is a new adventure that involves strategic planning, execution, continuous improvement, problem solving and critical decision making. The level of collaboration, accountability and innovation across teams is inspiring, and I learn something new EVERY day.

I also feel privileged to have the opportunity to influence and inform the design of Key’s core banking platform at a time when speed, agility and technical transformation are at the forefront. There are always new patterns and frameworks to explore; and we are continuously learning and evolving. The ways in which we’ve grown our architecture, platforms and engineering expertise in recent years is very exciting. Although we’re a financial institution, we are very much a technology company.

What do you like most about Key’s culture?

Diversity. You see so many different people from different ethnicities and backgrounds while working here. From my experience, Key is more diverse than other companies. I also like how we are encouraged to be accountable and any good work we do gets recognized.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.