Tamica Price: Volunteering in Buffalo YMCA

October 2018

Tamica Price: Volunteering in Buffalo YMCA

Through her countless hours serving the William-Emslie Family YMCA in Buffalo, Tamica Price is making a difference in her community.

For Tamica Price, who benefitted from the YMCA’s programs as a teen, it only made sense to volunteer her time, talents and financial contributions so that other children could benefit from their local chapter.

As a teenager, Tamica Price recalls the hours spent afterschool at her local YMCA. Her father was bringing her up on his own at the time, and the YMCA offered a safe, welcoming place she could go afterschool. The positive experiences she had at the YMCA have stayed with Price – and they’re the same kind of experiences she wants to ensure other kids have as well.

Price, now a mother of two and a Contact Center Senior Team Leader for KeyBank, dedicates her time and skills to supporting the William-Emslie Family YMCA in Buffalo, which serves an underprivileged neighborhood that’s not far from her office.

Finding Her Place at the YMCA

“I volunteer because it keeps me going,” explains Price. “I see what a difference spending just a few hours can make in the lives of those who come to the YMCA. Even putting in just one or two hours can impact so many. It’s amazing to go there and see children there playing, teens on the basketball court – they’re here, not getting into trouble, and they’re feeling like they belong and that’s important. The Y doesn’t turn anyone away.”

For the last five years, Price has been volunteering in various capacities at the YMCA, from campaign to finance committees and everything in between – giving speeches on behalf of the organization to solicit donations and even having her kids lend their time to the YMCA’s family holiday celebration. Currently, she’s participating in the Board Development Committee, which helps with planning events and raising awareness about the YMCA’s services.

Raising Awareness of the YMCA’s Benefits – for Everyone

“This YMCA is one of the most overlooked ones in the area,” notes Price. “It’s in an underserved community, but it’s a gem in an urban neighborhood so part of my job is to spread the word that it’s there – to encourage people in the area, especially those who work nearby, that they should sign up to work out at the Y. The more people come to the YMCA, whether it’s those right in the neighborhood or those coming from their offices to work out, it helps the YMCA keep going, keep serving.”

Co-Workers Lending a Hand

Through working at KeyBank, Price has seen the possibilities when it comes to community outreach. “I started with KeyBank in July of 2008 and that following spring I signed up for my first Neighbors Make the Difference Day, where we helped renovate a house for a single mother of three,” recalls Price. “During the job we were able to meet her and the look on her face when she saw the progress we were making made all the work worth it.”

This past May, Price was able to coordinate a group of 40 KeyBank employees to go to the YMCA for KeyBank’s annual Neighbors Make the Difference Day.

“There was a whole list of projects at the YMCA that needed to be done and we were able to complete all of them,” said Price. “We did about 30 different projects, from building new garden beds so they can grow fresh fruits and vegetables there to painting the gym to washing down all the equipment. The people at the YMCA were so thankful and I heard back from the group that came to volunteer and they were just grateful to be able to help out.”

In addition to lending her time to the YMCA, Price also offers an annual financial contribution that KeyBank matches. “Through KeyBank, my contribution can go farther, and I can give even more,” says Price, pointing out that even small amounts can make a big difference in the lives of the kids who go to the William-Emslie Family YMCA.