Cleveland CycleWerks

Local Manufacturing for a Global Marketplace

March 2017

Cleveland CycleWerks

Cleveland native Scott Colosimo has lived in Germany and traveled all over the world, but when the time came for him to start his own business, he came home. In 2009, when Colosimo founded Cleveland CycleWerks, he chose to open up shop in Cleveland’s Detroit Shoreway neighborhood.

Specifically, he chose a 65,000 square foot warehouse off Detroit Road to become home to Cleveland’s very own motorcycle company. The “cost of living” and ability to buy a “big affordable building” sealed the deal. After just 12 months of product development, Cleveland CycleWerks was selling its first motorcycle, Heist, in Japan, Indonesia and Australia.

Today, Cleveland CycleWerks has a product line that includes three marquee brands: Heist, Missfit, and Ace, as well as custom bikes. As Colosimo describes it, “Cleveland is central to the brand.” These are bikes for the working person. They're available at an affordable price point, and with their “minimalist beauty,” everything has a functional purpose. The company is leading a bike renaissance with simple, paired down bikes that are easy to work on, while the bulk of the market today tends toward more complex systems.

The simplicity sells. Cleveland CycleWerks global expansion has continued. In addition to the U.S., the company now distributes its bikes in Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. And, Colosimo plans to expand to India in the near future.

He attributes his success to being in the right place at the right time: “Living within your means is cool again, and our bikes are affordable to own, ride and customize.” As far as the future, Colosimo is currently building out space for assembly and distribution and plans to start assembling bikes at his Detroit Shoreway facility in 2017.

Cleveland CycleWerks is a KeyBank client. We are proud to support local businesses as we fulfill our mission of helping our clients and communities thrive.