KeyBank Foundation Gives $300,000 for Homeless Veterans in Michigan

April 2018

The KeyBank Foundation is providing homeless veterans in Michigan with new opportunities and support through a $300,000 grant. Key's gift will provide housing services and additional employment opportunities for veterans. Thanks to the grant, Michigan Ability Partners (MAP) will expand housing services to 36 additional homeless veterans each of the next three years.

Vets: A Significant Portion of Homeless Community

All told, MAP will make it possible for 130 veterans to receive housing care through the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program in Washtenaw County, Michigan. According to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, more than one in 10 homeless adult individuals in the United States is a veteran. Some 1.4 million other veterans are considered at risk of homelessness because of poverty.

KeyBank Values Vets

KeyBank Michigan Market President Ted Willett spoke at MAP’s TasteFest to announce the grant and present the organization's leadership with a check.

"A pillar of KeyBank is helping our communities thrive, and that has to include helping those who were so willing to serve our country," Willett said. "We are going to be able to change the lives of dozens of people with not just their housing, but the opportunity to find a path to sustainability with a new job."

MAP Makes a Difference

Since 1985, MAP has served Michigan in its role as a private, nonprofit agency helping veterans.

Veterans within the SSVF program are connected to benefits that include affordable housing support, as well as access to job training, placement and coaching services. At MAP’s TasteFest, two veterans spoke to the audience about the impact these programs have had on their lives. Both received training through the jobs program and have successfully started new careers in the private sector.

"I am so appreciative and thrilled to accept the KeyBank Foundation grant to help Michigan Ability Partners continue its work to end veteran homelessness," MAP Chief Executive Officer Jan Little said. "For the next three years, this grant will help a program that brings results. As of today, 97% of the veterans who receive this support remain in a home."