Keep the good going

As things are starting to open and we're finally able to venture out and get together, KeyBank is excited to continue giving back to communities through the fourth edition of KeyBank Assists. This time, we've formed a team like no other to join us in our ongoing effort to support the small businesses and families that define our neighborhoods.

Who’s helping?

If you’re here then you are helping, and we want to say thank you! Check out our great team of volunteers giving their support. Be sure to visit their social media pages and see how they are supporting the community.

What has KeyBank Assists accomplished so far?

  • More than $875,000 has gone directly to our communities.
  • More than 100 charities and 157 small businesses have received support.
  • Thousands of families, essential workers and first responders have received gift cards.
  • Thousands of meals have been provided, and we’re still going.

What has KeyBank Assists done in the past?

KeyBank Assists was started to help support our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal was to help ease people’s stress and foster happiness any way we could.

It all started when we teamed up with local athletes to thank essential businesses and first responders, support charities, and surprise people picking up takeout with gift cards.

Then we partnered with Robert Irvine and amazing local chefs to surprise and support thousands of families, essential workers and first responders.

Recently, we enlisted the help of Soledad O’Brien and numerous local athletes to give donations, meals and surprise gifts to small businesses and families.