Online Banking FAQs

Quick access to your top questions

I can't sign on to Online Banking. What should I do?
If you do not know your user ID or password, please select the "forgot" link next to the related field and follow the steps. If you cannot successfully reset your user name or password or you continue to be locked out for other reasons, call customer service at 800-539-1539 in order to regain access to Online Banking.
Where can I find my routing number?
You can find the transit/ABA routing number in the lower left corner of your checks or from the list of routing numbers by state.
How can I avoid overdraft and non-sufficient funds fees?
There are several options available to help, each one designed to match your account(s) and style of banking. Plus, learn about what happens when an overdraft occurs and the simple steps you can take to avoid these fees.
Does KeyBank offer rewards programs?
Yes, we offer KeyBank Relationship Rewards® which provides the opportunity to earn points through everyday banking activities, and by making purchases on your KeyBank credit card.
How do I order checks?
You have several options for ordering checks. If ordering checks for the first time, call 800-355-8123. In Online Banking click on the My Online Banking tab, then Order Checks.
What should I do if I have an unauthorized debit card transaction on my account?
If you notice an unauthorized purchase on your account, report it by calling 800-KEY2YOU® (539-2968) and following the prompts for fraudulent activity. We will review your account with you to verify recent activity and initiate a dispute for the unauthorized transaction(s). If necessary, we may also block the card to prevent additional unauthorized transactions and have a new card issued to you.
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  • Overdraft Charges

Enrollment and Sign On

What do I need to enroll in Online Banking?

Enrollment only takes a few minutes and can be completed online or with your mobile device (with the KeyBank mobile app). You will need your Social Security number or Tax ID, your email address, and either your account number or ATM/debit card and PIN. Learn about the benefits of enrolling in Online Banking.

Why am I unable to bring up the sign on or enrollment page for Online Banking?
There could be a few reasons why you are not seeing the page. Please try these tips below:
  • Check to ensure you have met the browser and encryption requirements for Online Banking.
  • Refresh the cache on your browser for Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome. To refresh your cache:
    • In Internet Explorer: Go to "Tools" and select "Internet Options." On the General tab under “Browsing History” click “Delete”.    Verify the Cookies option is unchecked and select “Delete”.
    • In Firefox: Go to Tools and select Click “Clear Recent History.  Verify cookies are unchecked and select “Clear Now”.
    • In Chrome: Select History under the “wrench” tool at the end of the Address Bar and click “Clear all browsing data”.
  • Try an alternate browser or upgrade your existing browser to the most recent version.
  • Restart your computer.

Still have a problem with Online Banking? Call 800-539-1539.

I received an email alert that my password changed, but I didn't change it. What do I do?

Contact us immediately at 800-539-1539 to report the email.

Technical Information

Why do I get locked out of Online Banking?

For your security, we may lock your access for any combination of the following:

  • Failed password check
  • Failed to answer security questions correctly
  • Failed computer authentication
  • Extensive use of security questions to gain access
  • Unable to authenticate yourself
What is cache and what are the recommended settings?

Cache is a temporary holding place in your computer memory labeled "temporary internet files." As you visit internet sites, certain pieces of the page, such as graphics, are stored in cache. Your browser looks for pieces of the page that could be stored in cache to be more efficient when loading and re-loading sites you often visit. Due to the real-time nature of Online Banking, certain settings could cause your browser to store old account information from its cache instead of the new information from the site. View recommended settings.

What are the browser requirements and how do I determine my current settings?

Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher and Firefox 2.0  or higher, and Chrome 16.0 or higher are supported. The browser must be set to accept cookies and JavaScript MUST be enabled. Learn more about browser requirements.

Why do I keep getting automatically logged off?

Your browser setting may be conflicting with Online Banking. Try the following troubleshooting tips:

  • In Internet Explorer: Go to "Tools" and select "Internet Options." On the General tab under “Browsing History” click “Delete”.    Verify the Cookies option is unchecked and select “Delete”.
  • In Firefox: Go to Tools and select Click “Clear Recent History.  Verify cookies are unchecked and select “Clear Now”.
  • In Chrome: Select History under the “wrench” tool at the end of the Address Bar and click “Clear all browsing data”.

Online Banking Security

Is Online Banking secure?

KeyBank takes information security seriously and is committed to protecting your personal financial information. Learn what KeyBank is doing to enforce Online Banking security.

How can I protect myself from email fraud?

Education is the best defense. Know that KeyBank will never ask for private information via an email. Learn more about email and Internet-related fraud.


My payee hasn't received my bill payment. What are my options?

You can file a dispute online eight or more days after the payment was made by selecting the Dispute this Payment link next to the payment on the payee's Payment History screen. If the link is not available, you can call us at 800-539-1539. Within 10 days, we'll notify you of our findings. With our Bill Pay Guarantee, if there is an issue with a payment, we will research and take corrective action - even if it means paying late fees.

If I use Bill Pay, will my payment be guaranteed by my due date?

To ensure that your payments will be received accurately and posted by your payee, follow the guidelines in our Bill Pay Guarantee.

How do I transfer funds between my KeyBank accounts?

In Online Banking, go to Payments & Transfers and select Schedule Transfer. Most transfers completed in Online Banking between your accounts are completed immediately. You can set up single or recurring transfers.

Can I pay my Credit Card, Loan or Line of Credit online from a non-Key bank account?

Yes, use the Make Payment button on Account Details or Make Loan Payment in Payments & Transfers. Payments from other financial institutions may take a few days to process. Payments processed from Key using Bill Pay or Funds Transfer are guaranteed and process same day (Credit Cards take an extra day to process but will be backdated to the original date).

How do I transfer funds to/from another bank?

From Payments & Transfers, select Add Transfer Account. Once the account is added and confirmed, it can be used for transfers. To complete a transfer, go to Payments & Transfers and select Schedule Transfer. You can set up single or recurring transfers.

Viewing Account Information

Can I view both my personal and business accounts online at the same time?

Yes, if you are a sole proprietor using the same SSN/TIN for both personal and business accounts. If you have different SSN/TINs, contact Customer Service at 800-539-1539 for additional options.

What information is available for credit cards online?

Additional credit card details are located within our Online Banking website. Improvements include:

  • Account balance information, payment amount and due date
  • Account alerts
  • Online credit card statements
  • Transaction details, plus the ability to download transaction history
  • Payment options, which include same-day payments from a transfer or bill pay, the ability to make a payment from a non-KeyBank account and establishing AutoPay
  • Request a balance transfer for lower interest rate or to consolidate debt

For technical questions regarding Online Banking, please call 800-539-1539.

Should I keep a ledger if I use Online Banking?

Online Banking is a convenient way to view your KeyBank accounts and perform many activities. However, keep in mind it is a tool to use in conjunction with your own ledger. Transaction balances may not reflect your available balance and should not be used when considering future transactions. Transaction balances represent the balance after cleared activity has posted to your account. The displayed balance will not include outstanding checks or pending activity.

Does KeyBank offer Mobile Banking?

Yes, KeyBank offers mobile apps for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ devices and the Amazon Kindle tablet. You can also visit from any web-enabled mobile device and sign on to Mobile Banking using your Online Banking user ID and password. You can view account balances and details, pay bills, transfer funds between your accounts, and locate a Key Branch or ATM. Mobile Alerts and Text Messaging are available for any text-enabled phone. You can enroll in this service via Online Banking (select Sign Up on the Mobile Settings tab under Self Service) or by calling 866-798-4109.

I am enrolled in Online Statements, but I don't see my current statement. How can I get it to appear?

Be sure to check the following:

  • Do you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer? If not, download a free version.
  • When opening in Adobe Acrobat Reader, be sure to open the document with Protected Mode disabled in order to view your statement.
  • Has your email address recently changed or is your inbox full? If we receive notice twice that an Online Statement notification was not delivered, you are automatically unenrolled from Online Statements and you will receive a paper copy.
  • Because the statement appears in a new browser, check if the Statement window is behind the Online Banking window.

Personal Financial Management

What is Personal Financial Management?
Personal Financial Management (PFM) is a software package you can purchase to track and analyze your accounts. You can connect directly to KeyBank to download account balances and transactions, pay bills, and transfer funds. Supported software is Quicken and QuickBooks.
What do I need to enroll in Quicken or QuickBooks?
Complete the enrollment form on You will need your account number, Social Security number or tax ID, and the version of software you will be using. Enrollment is not immediate. Learn more about the enrollment process.
Why can I no longer download my credit card transactions into my software?
To download credit card transactions you will need to sign on to Key's Online Banking and select Download Transactions. You will be able to download credit card transactions into your Quicken software. Quickbooks download for credit card information is not available at this time.