Social Media FAQs

Quick access to your top questions

I can't sign on to Online Banking. What should I do?
If you do not know your user ID or password, please select the "forgot" link next to the related field and follow the steps. If you cannot successfully reset your user name or password or you continue to be locked out for other reasons, call customer service at 800-539-1539 in order to regain access to Online Banking.
Where can I find my routing number?
You can find the transit/ABA routing number in the lower left corner of your checks or from the list of routing numbers by state.
How can I avoid overdraft and non-sufficient funds fees?
There are several options available to help, each one designed to match your account(s) and style of banking. Plus, learn about what happens when an overdraft occurs and the simple steps you can take to avoid these fees.
Does KeyBank offer rewards programs?
Yes, we offer KeyBank Relationship Rewards® which provides the opportunity to earn points through everyday banking activities, and by making purchases on your KeyBank credit card.
How do I order checks?
You have several options for ordering checks. If ordering checks for the first time, call 800-Key2You or call 800-355-8123. In Online Banking click on the My Online Banking tab, then Order Checks.
What should I do if I have an unauthorized debit card transaction on my account?
If you notice an unauthorized purchase on your account, report it by calling 800-KEY2YOU® (539-2968) and following the prompts for fraudulent activity. We will review your account with you to verify recent activity and initiate a dispute for the unauthorized transaction(s). If necessary, we may also block the card to prevent additional unauthorized transactions and have a new card issued to you.


Why is KeyBank on Twitter?
At Key, we value the perspective of each of our customers. We look at social media as a great opportunity to engage with people in a new and exciting way.
What kind of questions will KeyBank respond to via Twitter?
Our goal is to respond to compliments, questions, and constructive criticism from current and prospective Key customers. We will particularly focus on feedback that we can use to refine our processes and help us deliver excellent customer service.
How do I know if I'm communicating with an actual KeyBank representative?
Any tweet or direct message from Key will display the @KeyBank_Help username. You can learn more about our Twitter customer service team on our Twitter page.
How will I know if KeyBank has responded to my tweet?
Tweets or direct messages from @KeyBank_Help will work just like any other Twitter communication that you send and receive. This can vary based on how you personally access Twitter.
Why does KeyBank ask me not to send confidential information via Twitter, even via a direct message?
Protecting client information is very important to Key. For your protection, we will never ask for or send sensitive information over an unsecure channel.
What happens if I tweet a customer service issue to KeyBank after normal business hours?
A tweet to @KeyBank_Help sent after our normal business hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern time) will be received the next business day by the Customer Service team. At that time, @KeyBank_Help will review the post and reply accordingly.