Security Alerts

Keeping tabs on the latest fraud techniques is a powerful way to help thwart cyber-crooks. KeyBank monitors current security alerts to equip you with the knowledge you need to help protect yourself across all your online activity.

Our last five Security Alerts are listed below.

Be Aware of Phony Loan Application Emails Appearing to Come from Key

11/2015 - Reports indicate that some individuals have received fraudulent emails from parties claiming to be from Key asking them to open an attached loan document.


Be aware of Email Account Compromise scams

9/2015 - Be aware of email account compromise scams that are responsible for recent consumer losses of nearly $700,000 resulting from their inboxes being hijacked by cyber thieves.


KeyBank Clients Receiving “Phishing” Facsimile Documents with Fraudulent Loan Authorizations

3/2015 - Please be aware of fraudulent loan offers sent via facsimile.


Recent Phishing Activity Targets Key Clients with Look-alike Email Messages

1/2015 - Be aware of a new round of phishing emails that claim to be from Key asking for account information in a variety of sneaky ways.


1/2015 - With tax season underway, the IRS urges taxpayers to be aware that tax-related scams using the IRS name may proliferate during this time of year.


Be aware: New phishing activity targets Key clients with a clever disguise.

10/2014 - Be aware of a dangerous new phishing scam that claims to be from KeyBank asking for your account information. The clever disguise is that they claim to be investigating an email phishing scam!