Fraud-Fighting Computer Practices

Enhancing your computer's security systems is one of the strongest ways to fight potential identity theft. The first rule of thumb is to always sign out of websites when you have concluded your business there. Other forms of protection are just as simple – and when used together, these simple rules are extremely effective.

Here are three tough ways to take a stand against identity theft:

Install Security Software

Anti-virus programs, Internet security software, and a firewall are all critical tools in your computer safety arsenal. Download program updates as they come out, since each update contains new features that enhance protection capabilities.

Monitor Safety Measures Regularly

Scan your computer on an ongoing basis to make sure it’s free of malicious software, and to help avoid performance issues and data loss. If your security system identifies malware, immediately change your passwords.

Protect Information Online

When checking your online accounts, type the entire address directly into the browser instead of using a saved “favorite” link. Always sign out and close your browser after using a secure website, and consider disconnecting the Internet when you power off your computer each day.