Phishing Text Message

August 2010 - Beware of a new phishing scam using text messages, also known as SMS messages, to trick unsuspecting individuals into divulging their debit card information.

What to Know:

Individuals have reported receiving a text message with an urgent tone about a concern with their debit card account. They were asked to call a given phone number to verify their account details. When called, the phone number went to a voice message suggesting it was from KeyBank asking the caller to enter their debit card number, PIN, and in some cases, the expiration date. It is not Key's practice to request confidential account details like these in text message alerts.

What to Do:

If you receive a text message regarding a problem with your debit card account, immediately delete the message. Do not reply to it or call the given phone number as requested in the message. Then contact the financial institution who issued your debit card -- using the phone number listed on the back of the card or on your monthly card statement -- to validate or report the text message you received.