Supplier Questionnaire

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Please do not complete this questionnaire if you have completed one within the past six months.

Key enters into multi-year contracts and leverages its purchases where appropriate. The goods and services you are about to propose to Key may be currently under contract and Key may not be considering alternate suppliers. With that said, completing this questionnaire may not result in follow-up contact from Key, but your information will be kept on file for future reference.

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Contact Information:

Company Information:

Public or Private
Is your company more than 51% owned
and controlled by a veteran, minority, woman or LGBT individual?

Product Information:

Is your firm a supplier primarily to the financial services sector, or is your firm horizontally integrated across the marketplace?
Has your firm sold any goods or services to KeyBank within the past 18 months?

KeyBank Relationship Information:

If you consider the following four questions highly confidential information, you need not respond to them.

Is your company currently a customer of KeyBank?
Do you have a depository relationship with KeyBank?

Ethical Conflict Information:

It is the duty of KeyBank employees and agents to ensure that their activities and interests do not conflict with their obligations to KeyBank and do not impair their independent, unbiased judgment in the execution of their duties to KeyBank.

To the best of your knowledge, does your organization or any of your employees have a familial or business relationship with a KeyBank employee or third party supplier acting as an agent of KeyBank?

Miscellaneous Information:

KeyBank pays its suppliers via direct deposit and emails its suppliers remittance advice notifications immediately following direct deposits.

Are you receiving payments via direct deposit now from any clients?
Would you be interested in having a banking professional contact you to discuss how Key Bank's products and services can meet your business banking needs?