Key Merchant Services offers Point of Sale (POS) terminals to address your specific processing environment. Whether from the speed of an internet connection, the freedom of wireless, or the space-saving advantage of an all-in-one terminal, we have the solution.

Internet/Dial Terminals

Leverage the power of the internet to complete transactions in as little as four seconds:

  • With existing DSL or cable service, you can immediately begin processing payments over a lightning-fast, always-on connection
  • Start with dial-up and upgrade to Ethernet when you're ready, without swapping out your terminal
  • Multiple terminals or other internet devices can all be connected through one link, eliminating the need for multiple phone lines

Wireless Terminal

This fast, reliable wireless terminal is a great solution for any business on the go because:

  • We leverage the Sprint CDMA Wireless Data network to process transactions almost anywhere
  • A rechargeable battery and all-in-one design completely eliminates the need for cables and charging stations, providing hassle-free performance

All-in-One Terminal Solution

Key Merchant Services offers an ideal solution for processing all card and check payments:

  • The all-in-one design incorporates magnetic card swipe, check imager/reader, and a fast and quiet thermal printer, eliminating extra clutter and cables on your countertop
  • The simple interface and automatic check imaging and franking capabilities ensure a fast and efficient point-of-sale process
  • Our all-in-one solution supports credit and electronic check conversion; with the addition of a PIN pad, you can also accept PIN-based debit transactions