Business Equity Line of Credit

Put your commercial real estate to work for you with a Key Business Equity Line of Credit. The Key Business Equity Line provides liquidity for your business needs by allowing you to tap into the equity within your commercial real estate. Use your line of credit for short-term cash flow needs, accounts receivable, operating expenses, or other business purposes. Depending on your needs and available equity, you can choose from various sizes of credit lines with 15-year terms.

Business Equity Line of Credit Features and Benefits

  • Flexible interest-only minimum payment option for the first five years
  • Additional 10-year repayment period of principal and interest, giving you the option to either keep your variable rate or convert to an adjustable rate product
  • Longer repayment period with lower overall payments
  • No annual fees
  • More attractive interest rates with commercial real estate being used as collateral
  • Various size lines to fit your needs and situation
  • Streamlined application process
  • You choose the terms that are best for you
  • Lower rates and fees when compared to a responsive line of credit