Your mission. Our passion.

Nonprofit organizations face a unique set of challenges. Key has a deep understanding of what makes these groups successful, and we have a passionate team of nonprofit specialists who are ready to help you with your financial needs. Each member of the Key Nonprofit team is highly experienced in dealing with the unique kinds of issues and opportunities organizations like yours encounter every day. We understand. After all, not only did we help establish the Cleveland Foundation, the nation’s first community foundation, in 1914, but also we have helped thousands of nonprofit organizations further their missions since then.

Of course, our community involvement goes beyond supporting other organizations. Through our KeyBank Foundation, encouraging volunteerism among our employees, and our annual Neighbors Make a Difference Day, we are making a direct impact ourselves.

Through our experience, Key is uniquely qualified to help with your challenges and create a comprehensive plan to manage cash, safeguard your organization, finance your future, and plan your financial strategies.

Manage your cash

Your nonprofit organization receives income from a number of sources: donations, grants, investments, etc. It’s our job to help you better manage the inflows and outflows of cash that successfully balance the needs of your campaign with the needs of your organization. With Key you can:

  • Collect receivables and get funds into your account faster
  • Optimize collection of funds for one-time or recurring donations through our merchant services
  • Ensure liquidity and take advantage of short-term gains with our operating accounts
  • Establish a sound investment strategy with a diverse selection of equities, fixed-income securities, separately managed accounts, and mutual funds to help maintain the fiscal health of your nonprofit organization
  • Simplify planned giving services
  • Control all of your finances quickly and easily with our suite of web-based cash management tools

Safeguard your organization

It’s critical to identify and mitigate every kind of risk to protect your nonprofit organization’s bottom line, preserve its reputation, and ensure its legacy. Key can help you put in place measures designed to protect your cash flow and assets, so you can continue to deliver on your mission. We can help you:

  • Protect assets with our trust, custody, and administrative services, which offer economies of scale by permitting multiple managers handling large asset pools, while streamlining accounting, reporting, and other administrative procedures
  • Mitigate risk with insurance and tax strategies that you may not have considered
  • Engage in good stewardship of the charitable gifts you receive, whether you invest, preserve, or set up a trust with them
  • Review your current portfolio to assess the diversity of funds and the impact of market, inflation, and interest-rate risks

Finance your future

The value you bring to our shared community is immeasurable. And the demand for your nonprofit services can only increase over time, so we’re pleased to say that we have money to lend to help you do even more. With that in mind, we offer both short- and longer-term funding, so you can:

  • Upgrade new equipment necessary to your organization’s operations
  • Purchase, build, renovate, or make capital improvements
  • Assess and find ways to reduce or consolidate your organization’s debt
  • Supplement operating funds
  • Make everyday business purchases

Plan your finances

Your mission is important, but what’s even more important is that it carries on. Key can help ensure a solid financial future, not just for the organization, but also for employees and senior leadership. We can work with you to:

  • Create a succession plan to ensure the continuity of leadership, values, and mission of your organization
  • Plan for the financial futures of both employees and senior leadership — from personal banking to retirement
  • Develop workplace benefit strategies