Boss Excavating & Grading, Inc.


For Roger Carper Jr. and his team at Boss Excavating & Grading, Inc., removing obstacles is what they do best. The company, launched in 2009 by Roger and his father, provides services including erosion control, excavation, demolition, removal and site preparation for underground utilities. Work sites include single-family homes, schools, military bases, big-box stores, retirement centers, roads, highways and more.

Carper worked in the industry with his father through high school and then left to study teaching in college. Armed with a teaching degree but finding no opportunity for work, he decided to start his own excavating business. Since the launch seven years ago, he has amassed a fleet of heavy equipment, more than 35 employees and roughly $10 million in annual revenues working in both the private and public sectors.

When the time came for Carper to take his business to the next level, he faced several obstacles.


Initially, Boss Excavating & Grading, Inc. operated out of a leased space with just a few pieces of permanent equipment, renting larger pieces as needed depending on the project. Over time, Carper acquired additional equipment to meet the demands of the growing client base and began taking on larger projects that required more management and more employees. The company soon outgrew its space and the multiple equipment financing loans became hard to manage.

To accommodate the growth, Carper knew he needed to build his own facility, giving him all the features and capabilities he was lacking in the leased location. His challenge was to find the right parcel of land in the best location, secure funding for the purchase, and design the ideal space. At the same time, he had to assess his fleet of equipment and find a way to consolidate his debt to make it more manageable.


Carper’s father had done all of his banking at the local KeyBank branch for more than 20 years, so Carper turned there first to explore his financing options. The branch manager asked questions to get a better understanding of the situation and put him in touch with the right people, including the local SBA specialist, who spent time finding out what his goals were for the business and the right solution for his financing needs. Soon the paperwork for a KeyBank Small Business Administration (SBA) 7(a) loan was in process and the search for property and a builder began.

KeyBank, an SBA Preferred Lender with financing expertise across a wide variety of industries, was able to walk Carper through the process and put together a loan package that provided funds for building the new office and consolidating all of his outstanding equipment loans into one payment. While helping him learn more about the SBA loan process, KeyBank moved things along quickly and helped him keep the project on track.


Fortunately, Carper’s experience in removing obstacles has paid off, and the company is enjoying significant growth. Boss Excavating & Grading, Inc. is now in a beautiful new space that features more offices, a maintenance shop and plenty of equipment storage. Carper notes that customers are impressed when they come to the site and that making a good impression is important in securing more work. Even with the additional mortgage cost on the new property and building, he is saving approximately $10,000 each month by consolidating his previous loans and is establishing the business as a prime contractor rather than a subcontractor.

He credits KeyBank with not only helping through the loan process, but educating him along the way and making him a better businessman. KeyBank’s ability to streamline the process and walk him through each step made it possible for him to continue focusing on what really matters—his business.

Things aren’t slowing down for the company. Carper is currently working with an architect to design a 2,400-square-foot addition to the building that will add more storage and a wash bay for the equipment. KeyBank will continue to be a trusted partner as the business grows.

"I really felt a comfort level with the team at KeyBank, which is a big deal for me. Everyone was so patient and knowledgeable, answering all of my questions and helping me understand the process. I believe I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of KeyBank." —Roger Carper, Owner, Boss Excavating & Grading, Inc.