Key Total Treasury Security

Key Total Treasury (KTT) is a secure, Internet-based service that gives you convenient, 24-hour account access. Key is committed to protecting your information and takes information security very seriously.

KeyBank uses multiple levels of security to protect your personal information. You should also take steps to protect yourself online. In order to mitigate the risk of online fraud, phishing and identity theft, note the following:

  • KeyBank will never include attachments in the emails we send.
  • Avoid filling out forms in email messages that ask for personal financial information.
  • Ensure that your web browser, firewall and antivirus software are current.
  • To ensure your session with KTT is terminated, please use the "Logoff" button, located on the upper right hand portion of KTT screens.

When logging on to KTT, there are two different methods of two factor authentication, simple computer registration and digital certificates. The digital certificate is an additional security enhancement that is required when performing Wire Transfers, ACH, Self Service or Foreign Draft transactions. The certificate is applied for annually, and is stored on your PC. The digital certificate is linked to your login ID and PC to allow Key to authenticate the user. KTT requires a very simple Computer Registration as a second factor for all other KTT users without Payment or Self Service access. Registered computers are user-specific, so multiple users can share a single computer. For example, if two employees share a work station and have access to the KTT site, each user will be registered uniquely from the same computer, and the KTT system will recognize each user individually.

Digital Certificate Information

Additional Notes

Changing browsers, getting a new PC, or having your KTT logon ID changed may require you to register for a new digital certificate. However, you can export your digital certificate from one browser and import to another on your existing PC or save your certificate on a flash drive and load to a new PC. Resetting the Windows password, desktop changes, and security changes done by your organization may corrupt your existing digital certificate. If you are having difficulty accessing the Wire, ACH, Self Service or Draft modules, or want to export/import your certificate to a new browser, please contact Commercial Client Services Internet Support at 800-539-9039 for assistance.

To register for a digital certificate, your KTT Logon password cannot contain the following characters % * = ? { } ^ [ ] ` ~ | . If you need to change your password, you can do this by clicking on User Options at the top of the page.