NDA Associates, PLLC


Elizabeth Walker knows that good orthodontic care, administered with the right knowledge and tools, can address or eliminate a host of ailments, including headaches, jaw pain and sleep apnea. After completing her masters in dentistry, Walker joined her father in his practice, where the two began to focus more on the diagnosis and treatment of craniofacial pain and sleep disorders by providing customized oral appliance therapy and orthodontics. Together they served children and adults with traditional services, but also began to gain a reputation for an innovative approach to improving their patients’ quality of life by understanding more about the airway and how it is impacted by orthodontic care.

After seven years with her father, Walker decided to make a lifestyle change and move to a different area. In her new practice, NDA Associates, PLLC, she would continue the work she began with her father—learning more about jaw and airway development in infants; working with ear, nose and throat doctors in patient care; and utilizing 3D cone beam imaging technology to better diagnose and treat issues that can lead to bigger problems in the future. People in the region are learning about her unique skills and are traveling to reap the benefits of her knowledge.


Opening a new medical office of any kind can be a challenge because of the infrastructure and expensive equipment that is required, as well as the need to be fully operational on opening day. In addition to all the regular equipment needed by an orthodontist, such as the treatment chairs, carts, compressors, suction, lasers and more, Walker also needed her own 3D cone beam imaging machine. That machine represented a huge investment, but was critical to the kind of care she was committed to providing.

With limited capital and in a new area where she didn’t have any contacts, she began her search for an appropriate office space in a convenient location. She secured the services of a commercial real estate agent, who helped her find an ideal space that would meet the needs of her practice with minimal construction. The office Walker is leasing was previously occupied by a medical practice, so it already had the individual treatment rooms she wanted, as well as the medical-grade electric and water, necessary lab space and a warm and inviting reception area. She just needed to make some minor modifications and order her equipment, but for that she needed to secure funding.


The commercial real estate agent who helped her find the office space recommended a local KeyBank branch for securing a loan. Walker met with the branch manager and felt an instant connection, so the process of identifying the best funding option began and she was introduced to the local SBA specialist. KeyBank, a Small Business Administration (SBA) Preferred Lender, was able to line up an SBA Term Loan for the downpayment on the lease, the needed physical improvements for the office space, and the capital equipment purchase, as well as an SBA Express Line of Credit for ongoing expenses as she gets the business up and running.

Through her KeyBank contacts, she also found a contractor, an accountant and an attorney—connections she didn’t have when she first moved to the area. The loans have enabled her to get everything she needs in place and put the financial worries behind her so she can focus on what is most important—her patients.


Open now, NDA Associates, PLLC, is drawing patients of all ages who are looking for braces to simply improve their smile as well as those patients who may require more complex care to help with chronic pain, sleep disorders or other issues. She feels that everything really fell into place once she met the KeyBank team, and is excited about building her own practice and applying what she learned in school and while working with her father to make a meaningful impact on the overall health of her patients.

She credits the knowledge and support of the KeyBank team with making her dreams a reality and is looking forward to working with KeyBank as her practice grows. The SBA loans were a perfect solution for her needs, making it possible to build the business she now calls her own.

"KeyBank held my hand throughout the whole process of understanding and applying for the right funding. They also helped me connect with the other resources I needed to get my business off the ground. I don’t feel like it’s a bank—to me, it’s a partner." —Elizabeth Walker, Owner, NDA Associates, PLLC