Embracing Tech During COVID: Q&A with KeyBank's Brenda Kirk

November 2020

SUPER: On adapting in a pandemic.

we really wanted to give our teammates and clients peace of mind during a really challenging time. So for us that meant equipping our teams to work really from anywhere, both individually and as that business unit.

SUPER: On leveraging technology

the role of technology has been elevated. It has certainly been accelerated and it’s all been in very positive ways.

SUPER: On creating a whole new energy

We’re seeing teammates from every part of the organization emerge as technology innovators and it is really awesome.

As COVID-19 swept across the globe and companies had to implement remote workforce models, KeyBank quickly mobilized to give its associates the ability to work seamlessly, both individually and as a business unit. KeyBank’s Commercial Bank & Enterprise Payments CIO, Brenda Kirk discusses the role technology has played in their operations during the pandemic and the lasting cultural shift toward tech adoption it’s sparked companywide.

To read the full article, visit business.com/articles/keybank-remote-work-tech/.

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