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Financial technology (FinTech) is rapidly changing the landscape of what traditional financial institutions can offer their customers by providing solutions to streamline payments processing and improve efficiency.

FinTech is a fundamental part of KeyBank’s core payments strategy, and our unique approach is designed to deliver integrated and value-added technology to meet your organization’s needs.

Addressing pain points across the payments continuum

Banks have always focused on supporting an organization’s payment execution with solutions that streamline and create value. However, many of those payments processes are manual and paper-based, placing a large amount of strain on an organization (see chart below).

In addition to the pain points that can exist for organizations of all types and sizes, many institutions encounter challenges that are unique to their industries. For example, the medical billing process is complex and saddled with confusing rules and processes, and patient payment channels are often not user-friendly. Many medical practices aren’t collecting everything they’ve earned and would benefit significantly from payment tools that address their industry’s specific needs.

Pain points across the payment system

KeyBank’s FinTech strategy

At KeyBank, we work with our clients to establish a holistic approach to treasury management. We develop an understanding of our clients’ specific payment needs, pain points, processes, and business strategies to provide payment advice that helps our clients run their businesses better every day.

As a business adviser, we help our clients understand potential FinTech solutions and how to implement them within their companies. We establish relationships with organizations that can help our clients achieve their goals.

For us, creating relationships with FinTech organizations is an effective method for tapping into fresh, innovative ideas. It enables KeyBank to provide unique, holistic solutions and offer nontraditional treasury services. As a result, we bring the most innovative FinTech payment solutions quickly to market to best serve our clients.

KeyBank’s FinTech offerings

Our FinTech relationship strategy is designed to use best-in-class innovators to bring differentiated capabilities to our clients. We focus on searching for opportunities that provide payment solutions that are needed by our customers today.

Our relationships fit into two broad categories—solutions applied across all industries and those that are designed for specific industries.

KeyBank's Payment Solutions Strategy

Identifying and selecting FinTech candidates

KeyBank employs a rigorous process to identify and select the FinTech companies with whom we work.

Needs analysis

  • Address a specific pain point on the full payment continuum
  • Solve a payment problem for a specific industry
  • Enhance efficiency and drive scale for an industry with high payments velocity


FinTech candidates must have best-in-class technology that aligns with our core value proposition and requirements. Importantly, a candidate’s technology must be mature and scalable, with the capacity to handle increased volume and expansion.

Leadership and decision-making

We closely examine the quality of the FinTech’s management to ensure that the business has a strong leadership team and that executive management and the board of directors work well together. We assess their ability to build the business and take a deep dive into their work environment to understand how decisions are made.

After we’re satisfied that a relationship can move forward, we reach an agreement on the structure, which typically includes an equity investment in the FinTech organization. Combining our equity investment with the strategic relationship is critical for us: It aligns KeyBank’s interests with the FinTech’s, ensures an integrated view of the product roadmap and client experience, and gives us leverage in product development and service-level enhancement.

The KeyBank difference

KeyBank's Core Business Model

Through our combination of equity investing, relationship structure, and a well-defined business model, our approach sets us apart from other financial institutions.

KeyBank’s relationship model:

  • Uses a tight relationship governance model. Our payments professionals serve on the board and are involved in steering and operating committees and individual work streams. This helps us effectively manage relationships and deliver high service levels to clients
  • Drives integration with our overall strategy and service delivery
  • Enables us to be actively engaged in product development

Other banks often:

  • Separate their investment teams from the business teams, and they often have different objectives.
  • Fail to use a consistent engagement model, and cultural barriers adversely impact communication and collaboration.
  • Set products up as business lines and wind up competing with one another, in stark contrast to KeyBank’s approach of offering products as part of our core payments strategy.
  • Have FinTech products that sit outside their payments functions.

By enabling us to expand into new areas and add value to client relationships, our model works exceptionally well as part of KeyBank’s core technology payments strategy.

Let’s talk about your business.

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