Q3 2019 Middle Market Business Sentiment Report

Rows of solar panels


Investing in Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Renewables: A Strategic Approach

Companies today have access to an expanding menu of innovative clean energy alternatives, and choosing the best options will depend upon the unique circumstances of each business.

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ETS Keynote: The Future of Electricity is Always on Personalized Power

The energy space in general has been dominated by disruption on the renewables side. Bloom Energy has created an innovative and different model that takes key components and produces them with a practical, cleaner option for the world. Watch the entire keynote from their Founder & CEO.

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Utilities, Power & Renewables

The Global Market for US Renewable Energy Assets

In this 2020 Q&A interview, Andy Redinger, managing director at KeyBanc Capital Markets, discusses the surge in demand, and what global investors need to consider when evaluating opportunities in this sector.

Industrial Monthly Market Roundup

Industrial Monthly Market Roundup provides you with our unique insights into the Industrial industry's dynamics during this time of global disruption and volatility.

Addressing the affordable housing crisis in Los Angeles—and beyond

Barriers exist on the road to more affordable housing, but with fresh insight and a trusted financial relationship, project leaders can overcome them to unlock opportunity for the many individuals struggling to find quality housing today.

Key Perspectives, Economic Outlook

Vaccines have begun to normalize U.S. economic activity, but the progress is taking longer than hoped. Some obstacles include hesitance towards taking the vaccine, questions around booster shots, and the vulnerability of new virus strains that evade the vaccines. The reality is that we remain locked in a race against time and do not know when we can overcome the residual impact of the virus.

Middle market enters expansion mode after one year of pandemic impacts

In its second quarter 2021 survey, Key asked 400 owners and executives of middle market businesses – defined as those in the $10 million to $2 billion range – how macroeconomic conditions and government policies have impacted their businesses.

Key Questions: What’s Bitcoin Worth, Anyway?

Bitcoin’s price hit an all-time high last month, just shy of $67,000 per token. The cryptocurrency is now up more than 100% from its year-to-date low registered in July. What explains this recent spike? Or, maybe more importantly, what explains Bitcoin’s price in general? Does it have a fair value?

Single-purpose agriculture financing

KeyBank is an industry leader in financing agricultural equipment and storage. Learn more about how Key can elevate your competitive advantage and cost savings.

Key Questions: Should You Buy Stocks with High Dividends?

Companies that pay high dividends can be seductive. Some investors may reason, “A seemingly reliable check in the mail no matter how the stock trades? Sign me up!” To these investors, we would offer some words of caution.

ARP investment strategies

While the pandemic underscored the disadvantaged status of many minority communities, it also triggered Congress to take long-overdue and meaningful action for Native American Tribes. The American Rescue Plan (ARP) will deploy more than $20 billion to Tribal governments to help them respond to the COVID-19 emergency and lay the foundation for an equitable recovery.

Equipment acquisition during economic uncertainty

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