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Complete User Guide Sections

Section 1 - Introduction

KeyNavigator’s Image Research Center allows you to easily and conveniently view images of paid checks, deposits / deposited items, return items / return advices and adjustment advices.  Where applicable, the back of certain images can also be viewed.

The Image Research Center provides a single page that contains separate tabs for selecting Search Criteria, viewing the Results List and using the Image Viewer.

Section 2 - Search Criteria

2.1 Image Search

  • Begin your search by selecting the desired image type to view.
  • Some of the Image Types will have different filters to use after selecting the type of image to view:
    • Check type
    • eCheck type
    • Deposit type
    • Return type
  • Select account (up to 3), date and amount filters.
  • Select Search to generate the Results List. You can also click Save Search for future use. You can create and save searches for all the image type options. You may delete saved searches at any time using the edit button.
Section 3 - Results List

3.1 Search Results

Click on the camera icons (see arrow below) to view the images for each individual item.

3.2 Selecting items

  • Mark the check box in the Select column to select an item. Individual items on the page can be selected and loaded into the image viewer or exported.

3.3 Export Options

You can export items into the following formats (export options and limits vary by image type):

  • CSV Data Only
  • PDF with images
  • ZIP with images

3.4 Returned Items

  • Returned items may be selected and viewed in the image viewer or select the item type to view details for the return.

3.5 Deposits

View deposited items by image or deposit ticket information.

  • Deposit ticket images can display electronically generated tickets (remote deposit capture) or scans of handwritten deposit tickets (branch deposits).

3.6 Adjustment Advices

View adjustment advices and corresponding check images for adjustments processed by the Research & Adjustments department. The Reason Code of the adjustment will be provided.

Section 4 - Image Viewer

Selected items will appear in the Image Viewer. You have the option to print or return to the search results.

Section 5 - Image and Data Availability

Images and data are available for the following time periods: