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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t I see all of the same Views on the KeyNavigator Dashboard that my co-worker can see?

The Dashboard Views are based on your individual user entitlements. You will only see the views that are applicable to the access rights you have in KeyNavigator.

How do I customize my Quicklinks?

To customize your Quicklinks, click on the gear icon; you will be able to select up to five (5) favorite links to add to your Dashboard.

What are the different Dashboard Views available?

There are 9 Dashboard Views available : Items to Approve, Previous Day Account Balances, Intraday Account Balances, Intraday CDA Presentment, Liquidity, Payables, Receivables, Stop Payment Entry and Stop Payment List.

How can I get access to a View that I don’t currently see on my Dashboard?

The Views are based on your access rights in KeyNavigator. Please contact your Payments Advisor to discuss adding functionality to your access.