Making Payments Painless

July 2019


FinTech, or Financial Technology, is evolving rapidly, and its implications for payment processes are growing exponentially. It can be difficult for businesses to understand how and where to apply FinTech to make the working capital cycle efficient, secure and user-friendly. By implementing the right technology, frustrations can be lessened and the process can be more efficient and transparent, and cost less overall.

KeyBank uses FinTech to help clients become more efficient with processes that move money between their constituencies including vendors, customers, lenders and partners. FinTech ranges from established platforms such as Visa and Mastercard® to emerging solutions that focus on a particular experience or point in the payment process.

KeyBank can help.

  • FinTech is a rapidly evolving sector that can be difficult to understand.
  • FinTech can be applied at every stage of the working capital cycle.
  • Companies should evaluate their processes and identify where FinTech can reduce pain.
  • FinTech expands into areas such as terms management, payment timing, and fraud management that will further improve the payments process.
  • Trust, accountability, and results should all be considered when choosing FinTech providers.

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