Business Continuity Disclosure

KeyCorp's Corporate Continuity and Recovery (CCR) unit ensures that the corporation is prepared for and is capable of successfully recovering from any service interruption.

In addition, KeyBanc Capital Markets Inc. ("KBCM"), part of Cleveland-based KeyCorp, maintains a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in accordance with NYSE Rule 446 and FINRA Rule 4370 regarding customer communications. The provisions of these rules require KBCM to summarize its plan during significant business disruptions with varying severity for its customers, as follows:

  • For firm-only or single building incidents, KBCM maintains redundant systems with automatic back-up capabilities in three separate locations.
  • For business district or citywide business disruptions, KBCM maintains a completely functional alternative site for conducting business with relocated key employees. It may be necessary to utilize this alternative site for some firm-only or single building incidents, if warranted.
  • For regional business disruptions, KBCM intends to utilize its extensive branch network and/or KeyCorp affiliate locations throughout the country to conduct business until normal operations are restored.

KBCM fully intends to conduct business during times of business disruptions. Every effort will be made to minimize the impact on service to our clients.

KBCM will utilize KeyCorp's established communication plans, which include but are not limited to television and radio broadcasts, print media, email and online notification, proprietary call centers and a 1-800 crisis management line to inform and update employees and clients during times of service disruptions.

KBCM's BCP is subject to change. An updated summary will be promptly posted to Key's website. Customers may obtain updated summaries by requesting a written copy of the summary by mail.