Share Repurchase

KeyBanc Capital Markets® investment banking teams are dedicated to serving all the equity capital markets needs of our clients, from accessing capital to optimizing equity markets strategies. We get to know your business, and have experts who will partner with your core team to help execute share repurchases. Our multi-disciplinary team will work with you to ensure that any repurchase program supports the overall goals of your business and is attuned to the market and shareholder dynamics.

KeyBanc Capital Markets has a dedicated team of share repurchase experts who help our clients:

  • Design and implement a share repurchase strategy
  • Optimize daily execution
  • Monitor progress online

Our experts take the time to learn their clients’ business, analyze their goals, and structure the optimal share repurchase program for their needs.

KeyBanc Capital Markets helps companies optimize their capital with a share repurchase. Key has actively managed over one hundred share repurchase programs over the past ten years and can partner with your team to structure the most suitable strategy.

Technology can help you remain informed as your share repurchase program is executed in the markets. We offer a dedicated online tool designed to make the monitoring of your program easy. Learn more >

Understanding shareholder dynamics and industry trends is critical to the timely and effective execution of any repurchase program.

Each of our client teams are led by a senior investment banker who specializes in your firm, your industry and your financial needs. That core team will be joined by experts in share repurchases when your equities strategy calls for assessing a repurchase program’s value to your company’s long term goals.