Loans & Lines of Credit

Establishing the right amount of leverage for your business is critical to optimizing profitability and risk. Key gets to know your business as a whole, so we can take a broad view of how credit fits into your firm’s overall financial picture. This understanding is underscored by our commitment to rapid decision-making designed to help you be competitive and successful.


Business and term loans represent straight-forward methods for financing permanent working capital or expanding your operations. From owner-occupied property, to additional equipment or business expansion, Key can work with you to structure the right loan to support your goals.

Lines of Credit

To ensure there’s financing available to support working capital needed to purchase inventory, carry accounts receivable, or take advantage of unexpected opportunities, Key’s experts can work with you to customize the right structure, terms and payment options to meet your financial needs.

Our teams get to know your business so we can provide insights and solutions, and structure loans and lines of credit to help you achieve financial success. Some recent examples include:

  • We provided a variable rate revolving line of credit to a privately owned manufacturing company located in the Northwest to refinance existing debt and provide working capital.
  • A Northeast non-profit specializing in social services used funds from a variable rate term loan to provide permanent financing.
  • We provided a variable rate line of credit used to fund working capital for a Midwest machinery manufacturer.

Recognizing the important role business loans play in an overall financial strategy, our teams help you to optimize leverage to maximize profitability. Loans in this category can be structured with a fixed or variable rate, and with principal repayment schedules that meet your needs. These loans typically are used to fund:

  • Long term working capital to optimize your business; or
  • Strategic acquisitions, capital improvements and equipment.

Many of our clients use lines of credit to take their business to the next level, such as expanding internationally or adding significant new manufacturing capabilities. We offer multiple ways to structure business lines of credit, including:

  • A one year line structured to meet your short term working capital needs on a revolving basis; and
  • A multi-year commitment to fund your business that will provide the comfort that your bank can meet longer term capital needs to finance your growth.