Equipment Loans and Leases

Key Equipment Finance offers a wide variety of financial solutions for business equipment acquisitions. Our broad capabilities offer multiple options to fit your business’s balance sheet, tax structure, cash forecasting and end-of-lease requirements.

Equipment leasing options include:

  • Tax-exempt leases
  • Tax leases
  • Fair market value (FMV) leases
  • Operating leases
  • Capital leases
  • Sale/leasebacks
  • Conditional sales agreement/$1.00 buyout
  • 10% purchase plans
  • TRAC leases
  • Non tax (finance) leases
  • Bareboat charters
  • Single Purpose Agricultural Facility leases

For businesses that choose to own their equipment, we offer loans as a method for achieving leverage:

  • Equipment loans
  • Fixed and floating rate options
  • Deferred payment
  • Preferred Ships Mortgage 
  • Single Purpose Agricultural Facility loans (SPAFs)

For your convenience, we also offer progress payments, 100% financing, software finance, syndication of loans and leases and lender financing and securitization solutions. Our equipment leasing and finance experts will listen to your requirements and help you choose the best option for your business needs.

Key has helped many businesses finance their equipment through leasing and loan strategies, from MRIs to corporate jets. Recent success includes:

  • Transportation sector: Key provided $4.9 million in financing for fleet upgrades.
  • Food and Beverage sector: a food processing company financed $7.5 million with Key Equipment Finance for new production equipment.

Key’s equipment finance solutions are customized for the unique aspects of many types of equipment, including:

  • Healthcare diagnostic and treatment equipment
  • Corporate jets and helicopters
  • Freighters, railcars and locomotives
  • Commercial trucks and trailers
  • Machine tools and robotics for manufacturing
  • Agricultural equipment such as combines, SPAFs and wine crushers
  • Computer hardware and software

Key’s knowledgeable equipment finance professionals can also bring in experts from all parts of the bank to assist with all your financial needs including: