Healthcare Equipment

Key’s specialized healthcare equipment finance teams are well-versed in the rapidly-evolving field of medical technology. To deliver the best care and diagnostics, medical technology requires frequent updating, and our team can help you to structure the right financial package for those upgrades. Our experienced professionals will listen to your needs, then help you structure an optimal financial solution.

We explore the useful life of the equipment, tax ownership of the asset, accounting considerations, and cash flows, as each of these play a role when deciding how to proceed in acquiring your next pieces of equipment.

Client Kim Woofter, COO at Michiana Hematology Oncology’s Advanced Centers for Cancer Care, says:

“We’ve been a long-time KeyBank customer and because [the MHO Facility] has some specific and challenging requirements, we knew our best bet was to consult their equipment finance division to figure out how we could afford the equipment needed.”

Key has helped many healthcare providers finance their technology and related equipment needs. Some of our recent success includes:

  • Clinical treatment sector: Key provided $30 million in financing to a group of treatment centers to upgrade medical equipment.
  • Medical diagnostics sector: A medical diagnostic imaging facility financed $2 million with Key for medical equipment.

Access to advanced medical equipment is critical to patient care. By structuring a customized equipment finance strategy for healthcare providers, Key can make it possible for patients to have access to more frequently updated equipment resulting in improved patient outcomes.

For years, Michiana Hematology Oncology has turned to Key to structure affordable medical equipment finance strategies. For a full detailed case study on our work with this healthcare provider, Learn More >

Financial solutions are available for the wide variety of healthcare provider needs that arise in the journey to serve patients. Some other areas of the bank that serve healthcare providers include:

  • Healthcare Payment Solutions: We can help quickly and accurately process payments from your patients.
  • Healthcare Investment Banking: KeyBanc Capital Markets® provides healthcare investment banking services that complement the KeyBank loans and leasing products.
  • Healthcare Real Estate Financing: From deep relationships with FreddieMac senior housing programs to sophisticated real estate financial services, Key offers a broad range of healthcare real estate and facilities financial services.