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Key Perspectives, Economic Outlook, April 2018

by Bruce McCain, Chief Investment Strategist 04.18.2018
As if the threats of rising inflation and higher interest rates were not enough, we now have a potential for trade wars. Major trade conflict is considered unlikely, but could be catastrophic for global growth if not avoided.
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Key Economic and Market Outlook

by Various 01.30.2018
As 2017 progressed, it became apparent to us that the U.S. was approaching the end of an era. The ultra-accommodative monetary policies that were set in motion in 2009-10 were becoming less accommodative, and the liquidity that had been injected into the financial markets was starting to slowly abate.
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Middle Market Business Sentiment Report - April 2017

With security and fraud topping the growing list of corporate concerns, we surveyed middle market leaders on the challenges they face when it comes to protecting their businesses, their data, and their customers from cyberattacks. See what they had to say in our latest report.
Six Pivotal U.S. Labor and Trade Concerns thumbnail

Six Pivotal U.S. Labor and Trade Concerns to Watch for in 2017

by Bruce McCain, Chief Investment Strategist, Key Private Bank 04.10.2017

Confidence about improvements from changing policies in Washington has surged. While there are reasons for optimism, public enthusiasm does not always lead to economic success. Here are six things to watch in the months ahead.


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