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Invest in Technology to Cultivate Aftermarket Channel Growth thumbnail

Invest in Technology to Cultivate Aftermarket Channel Growth

Dealerships can cultivate growth in their aftermarket channel with a sustained commitment to invest in technology. The aftermarket channel continues its rising trajectory accounting for 45 percent of new-and-used vehicle department gross profits in 2016.
Smarter cities, smart public-private partnerships thumbnail

Smarter cities, smart public-private partnerships

by Thomas Mulvihill, Managing Director and Group Head of Infrastructure Finance, KeyBanc Capital Markets 06.23.2017
Learn how private-sector partners are helping states and municipalities create "smart cities".
Key Advisor - Dealer news and tips thumbnail

Key Advisor - Dealer news and tips

For nearly a decade, the American economy has benefitted from extremely low interest rates. The Federal Reserve has now pushed rates up three times since December 2015, however, and it intends to raise short-term rates to 3% by the end of 2019. The focus of this quarter’s newsletter is on what that means for the economy in general and auto dealers in particular.
A Market In Search of Stability thumbnail

A Market In Search of Stability

by John Hofman, VP, KeyBank Commercial Real Estate Capital 05.18.2017
Making deals work for borrowers and capital providers in this cycle.

Transforming Accounts Payable through Automation

by Loren Zadecky, SVP, KeyBank Commercial Payments 05.01.2017
AP automation can enable organizations to drive down payment processing costs, eliminate paper, improve controls and gain valuable insights into supplier spend.
Middle Market Business Sentiment Report thumbnail

Middle Market Business Sentiment Report - April 2017

With security and fraud topping the growing list of corporate concerns, we surveyed middle market leaders on the challenges they face when it comes to protecting their businesses, their data, and their customers from cyberattacks. See what they had to say in our latest report.
Investing in Sustainability, Energy thumbnail

Investing in Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Renewables: A Strategic Approach

Companies today have access to an expanding menu of innovative clean energy alternatives, and choosing the best options will depend upon the unique circumstances of each business. Whatever the decision, every company will benefit by taking a strategic approach to evaluating sustainability projects and the capital solutions to fund them.
7 Steps for Building and Funding Sustainability Projects thumbnail

7 Steps for Building and Funding Sustainability Projects

Before launching an energy-efficiency initiative, it’s important to build a solid business case and understand the funding options and potential incentives that are available. Business owners should consider taking the following steps to ease the process of gaining approval, piloting, implementing, and supporting sustainability projects.
Money Management Tips for Solar Developers thumbnail

Money Management Tips for Solar Developers

Cash flow management is particularly important for solar developers, whose business models have to account for a significant gap in time between investing in a project and seeing a return on that investment.
Types of fraud and how they originate thumbnail

Types of fraud and how they originate

Cyber-criminals continue to target online banking and electronic payment transactions. Learn more about common types of fraud and how they originate.
Cyber Security Keys to Protecting Your Business thumbnail

Cyber Security: Keys to Protecting Your Business

Cyber security experts from KeyBank and the FBI discuss the issues in the industry today and how to stay protected. Topics covered include fraud case studies shared by the FBI, situations unique to the financial industry, the impact of cyber-breakdowns on the U.S. economy, and best practices to protect your company and employees from cyberfraud.
Middle Market Business Pulse thumbnail

Middle Market Business Pulse Report - First Quarter 2017

On the heels of the presidential election in November, we surveyed middle market leaders to see how they felt about the economy, expansion and concerns surrounding personal finances. See what they had to say in our latest report.
Fraud and the workplace: Getting employees involved

Fraud and the workplace: Getting employees involved

There are many steps a business can take to prevent fraud, but it can’t be done without its employees. The following are various ways staff can help protect their company—and themselves.
Cyber-risks and insurance

Cyber-risks and insurance

The digital world continues to rapidly evolve, and our increased reliance on the internet and technology goes hand-in-hand with more frequent, sophisticated and professional cybercrimes.
Restaurant Authenticity Earns Millennial Loyalty_600x269

Restaurant Authenticity Earns Millennial Loyalty

by Brad Swanson, Managing Director and Sector Head, Consumer & Retail, KeyBanc Capital Markets 11.03.2016
Have Millennials completely changed the restaurant industry? Find out from our white paper.
Same-Day ACH Tile

Same-Day ACH: What treasury professionals need to know

by Brian Guess, KeyBank, Vice President and Senior Product Manager 09.23.2016
Brian Guess, KeyBank, VP & Senior Product Manager outlines the benefits of Same-Day ACH transactions, the three-phased implementation approach, and more in his in-depth analysis of this industry game changer.

Basel III: What Corporate Treasurers Need to Know

by Jim Graves, SVP, KeyBank Commercial Payments 07.18.2016
Basel III, a new set of banking regulations, is on the way, and corporate treasurers need to take notice. Financial professionals can take action now and engage their banks to prepare for any changes in the new environment.

What's Next for Oil and Gas?

by Oil & Gas Investor 07.13.2016
Keith Buchanan, Managing Director and Oil & Gas Segment Head at KeyBanc Capital Markets, shares his views on anticipated industry developments in 2016 with Oil & Gas Investor. Watch the discussion here.
Proceeds-Cash-Flow and-Flexibility-600x269

Proceeds, Cash Flow, and Flexibility: A Borrower’s Balancing Act.

by KeyBank Real Estate Capital Staff 04.19.2016
You can aim for the lowest possible interest rate to get maximum cash flow, or opt for maximum leverage to preserve capital for more deals. But you can’t maximize both in the same deal. Read more from our experts here.

State of the Healthcare IT Market: 2016

by Modern Healthcare Custom Media 03.29.2016
In this white paper, Modern Healthcare magazine and KeyBanc Capital Markets® healthcare investment banking experts explore current and future trends in healthcare IT.

Millennials Are Changing the Multifamily Marketplace

by Bernie Avondet and Brandon Nowac, KeyBank's Commercial Payments Group 03.01.2016
Representing the largest generation in the United States, millennials are a driving force in the American housing market. Insights on how they are changing the multifamily marketplace are summarized here.

2016 Outlook for Manufacturing

by Rachel Abbey McCafferty, Crain's Cleveland Business 02.08.2016
KeyBanc Capital Markets® industrial distribution investment banking expert T.J. Monico provides commentary on the Northeast Ohio manufacturing outlook and why he believes it is headed in multiple directions.
Key’s Affordable Goes National 600x269

KeyBank’s Affordable Housing Platform Goes National

by Susan Piperato 07.20.2015
Robert Likes, a 13-year veteran with KeyBank, was appointed national manager of Community Development Lending and Investment. Read about his mission to take the company’s CDL platform national and Key’s expansion plans.

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