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Administration FAQ

Enrollment and alert management in the KeyNavigator Message Center is user-driven. Eligibility for alert subscriptions is driven by KeyNavigator product and service entitlements. To set up eligible alerts, login to KeyNavigator, and then click on the Message Center link in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Then select the Manage Alerts tab to add various alerts that you are eligible for. To obtain access to additional alerts, work with your Payments Advisor to add services required to receive associated alerts.

No, Message Center alerts are considered a complimentary service supporting the reports to which you are entitled.

The KeyNavigator Mobile URL ( is a URL available to all web-enabled mobile devices via web browser. The KeyNavigator Mobile URL provides a convenient and secure way to approve payments, decision positive pay items and view account information.

The KeyNavigator Mobile Deposit App is available in both the iTunes® and Google Play® app stores. The app enables you to deposit checks into your business and commercial checking accounts via your mobile device (Please Note: Android tablet devices are not supported).

KeyNavigator Mobile Deposit has been developed with the business user in mind. Important features that set KeyNavigator Mobile Deposit apart from consumer mobile deposit solutions include:

  • Single or Limited Batch Deposit Capabilities
  • Deposit level memo field information capture
  • An approval process that allows for separation of duties and provides an additional layer of security
  • Access to reporting on Key Capture, our commercial desktop remote deposit solution

No, a Self Service administrator may only edit other users.

Yes. Self Service administrators may create new users including user names, temporary passwords and system access times.