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2.1 Create Customized Alerts

  • Available to all Users – Any KeyNavigator user who is entitled to services that have alerts available will be able to create and edit alerts.
  • Easy Alert Setup – A simple step by step process allows easy configuration of each alert subscription.
  • Choose Alert Delivery Method – Chose to receive alerts in real time (i.e. within approximately 15 minutes of event occurring) or schedule alert delivery for certain times throughout the day.
  • Customize Alerts – Set thresholds so that your alerts will only be triggered when those thresholds are met (e.g. incoming wire above $X dollars or when balance drops below $X dollars).

2.2 Manage Delivery

  • Alternative Email – You can provide an alternative email address allowing for notifications to be sent to two separate email addresses. Your KeyNavigator enrolled email address is always your primary email for Alerts.
  • Global Suspend – Suspend email alerts between selected dates while still being able to view them in your Alert History when you return.
  • Choose Delivery Channel – Receive Alerts via email or SMS/Text. Or you can choose to receive some Alerts via email and others via SMS/Text.

2.3 View Alert History

  • Comprehensive Message History – You can access all of the Alerts that have been sent to you via email and/or SMS/Text in the centralized Message History. Message History is essentially a copy of what was sent via any channel (email or Text) and it can be sorted and filtered various ways. Alerts will always be available in Message History even if Global Suspend has been enabled.