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Access Message Center screens by clicking on the Message Center envelope link at the top of the KeyNavigator page:


3.1 Message History

The Message History page will display all Alert notifications (both email and SMS/Text) that have been sent to you based on the Alerts that you have subscribed to. You can filter the message history list by entering text in the field provided. You can also filter the message history list by using the date filter. Thirteen (13) months of history is provided on the Message History screen.

Message History

The following information is provided for each Alert:

  • Alert Name/Subject (you can click on the + sign to expand the row in order to view Alert details)
  • Date
  • Alert Group
  • Alert Channel(s)

    Alert Details

3.2 Manage Alerts

The Manage Alerts page will display all of the Alerts that you have set up.

Manage Alerts

The following information is provided for each Alert:

  • Alert Name/Subject
  • Alert Group
  • Alert Channel(s)
  • Last Modified Date

Click on a specific Alert to view specific Alert details and all Alert customization settings such as the Alert’s nickname, accounts, dollar threshold, channel(s) and frequency. You can also edit or delete an existing Alert while viewing the Alert.

  • To add a new Alert subscription, click on the Add Alert button.

    Add Alert

  • Select the Alert Group.

    Add Alert

  • Select the Alert Type.

    Add Alert

  • Edit the default Alert Name/Subject if you desire.

    Add Alert

  • Select the account(s) to be included in the Alert.

    Add Alert

  • Select a dollar threshold for your alert.

    Add Alert

  • Select the Alert Channel – email and/or Phone (Text)

    Add Alert

    NOTE: To receive an Alert via SMS/Text message you must first enable Phone (Text) Delivery on the Manage Delivery page. The Phone (Text) Delivery option will not be displayed until you complete the enrollment process to receive SMS/Text messages.

  • Select the Alert Frequency (if available – note that some Alerts are only sent once per day at a designated time). Click the radio button to choose Immediately or At Selected Time.

    Add Alert

3.3 Manage Delivery

The Manage Delivery page is where you add / edit various settings that control how and when Alerts are delivered to you.

Manage Delivery

Address Details:

  • Primary Email (defaults to your email address on record with KeyNavigator
  • Email Format – HTML or Text
  • Alternative Email – can be any secondary email address
  • Email Code – enter a word that means something to you. This email code will display on all alerts that you have subscribed to in the Message Center.

Manage Delivery Address

Global Suspend:

  • Enter a Start and End Date for when Alerts should not be delivered

    NOTE: Global Suspend begins at 12:00 a.m. on the start date and ends at 11:59 p.m. on the end date.

    NOTE: Alerts will not be sent between the Global Suspend dates; instead they will always be available in your Message History.

    Global Suspend

Phone (Text) Number:

  • You must complete enrollment of SMS/Text message receipt on your mobile device before you can add SMS/Text as a delivery option to individual Alert subscriptions.
  • Click “edit” and enter your mobile device phone number. Then click “save”
  • Click on the checkbox after you have reviewed the Terms and Conditions
  • Follow all instructions sent to you via SMS/Text on your device to complete the enrollment process.
  • Select a Quiet Time to not receive Alerts via SMS/Text on your device.

    NOTE: Alerts will not be sent to your mobile device if you set a Quiet Time. Once the quiet time has ended, all Alerts will be sent to your device as well as be displayed in Message History.

    Phone Details