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Product Overview

KeyNavigator Mobile is an extension of the KeyNavigator online website that has been optimized for mobile phone web browsers. It is not a mobile phone application (app):

  • An app is a software application that a user downloads onto a mobile device.
  • A mobile phone optimized website is a site that allows users to access the site from any mobile phone's web browser.

There is no additional service charge to you. However, your standard mobile carrier rates and fees apply.

2.1 User Requirements & Entitlements

Since KeyNavigator Mobile is not a stand-alone service, you must be a registered KeyNavigator user to have access to KeyNavigator Mobile.

Once you are enabled for KeyNavigator Mobile, all existing KeyNavigator entitlements and authorizations are duplicated for KeyNavigator Mobile, limited to the services available through your mobile service.

You can access KeyNavigator Mobile by visiting from your mobile web browser. You can save this website as a favorite by adding it to your home screen or saving the link as a bookmark. Refer to your device online help for more details.

NOTE: KeyNavigator Mobile does not have the capability to initiate payments. Payments can only be initiated through the full KeyNavigator website.

2.2 User Enrollment & Log-on

To enroll in KeyNavigator Mobile, contact your Payments Advisor to submit an enrollment customer service order. Once the customer service order has been approved, you will sign-in to KeyNavigator Mobile using the same log-in ID and password you use for the full KeyNavigator website.

Once you are enrolled in KeyNavigator Mobile, any company user entitled to use KeyNavigator Self Service can then give access to KeyNavigator Mobile to other users at your company. You can log into the KeyNavigator Self-Service module found on the full KeyNavigator website to grant mobile access.

KeyNavigator Self-Service module

The first time you log in, you will receive the Terms of Use and Security Verification screens. If you agree to the above terms of use, click the I Agree statement and answer the Security Verification question. You will not receive these screens after your initial login.

2.3 Supported Devices

KeyNavigator Mobile is accessible by all smartphones and tablets equipped with updated web browsing capability and an internet connection.